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The BEZGAR TB201 is a 1/20 scale rc car. This toy grade RC truck is designed for beginner players and children who wants to move towards to advanced level hobby grade RC truck. Given that the BEZGAR 17S has outstanding appearance and great performance and relatively lower price. It is a non-hesitated car worth purchasing.

BEZGAR-TB201 Toy Grade

1:20 Scale Remote Control Car-2WD High Speed 20 Km/h All Terrain Electric Toy Off Road RC Monster Vehicle Truck Crawler with Rechargeable Battery for Boys Kids Adults



Determine the location of the RC Truck, and identify the heading direction of the RC Truck or even detect the terrain when there is insufficient light


Absorb Vibration for the remote control car- Protect electronic components, absorb small bumps with ease.stiffen progressively to resist bottoming out over large jumps


Tiny Small 1:20 Scale-This scale makes the car easier to control and carry out – an ideal toy grade RC truck for boys and girls up 6 years old



We bought this car and had a lot of fun with it. At some point it stopped working (probably was dropped). Customer service was great. They sent a replacement within a couple of days! A super fun toy for the price, just know that if any part of it breaks, you can't repair it.

 Aprile B Coleman

My son received this RC car as a Christmas gift. The car and remote were not able to sync. I tried all the troubleshooting and it still did not work. I emailed the company and they replaced the RC car without any issues. They were quick to respond and send out a replacement. My son LOVES it!!!


My son received this car for his 7th birthday and he loved it! Like a lot of toys, he eventually stopped playing with it for a time. Fast forward a year and a half later, he finds new thrills in his RV cars, but this one would not operated, even with freshly charged batteries. So, I thought I’d try and contact the company. This was a gift so I first had to get the purchase info from the buyer. Once I got the info, I emailed the company and Shirley responded immediately. She tracked down the product details (the order link I originally sent must have been missing something) and began trouble shooting. She suspected it was the rechargeable battery pack, even though I told her I had two packs and they had both been charged. Still, she said she would send me a new battery pack. Well, a day or so later I received 2 new packs! I didn’t tell my son— I wanted to charge it and try it first so in case it didn’t work, he wouldn’t be disappointed again. Well, it worked! I would have purchased a new pack or paid to get it fixed— I don’t like to throw something away just like that. But Shirley did not hesitate to help me. My son played with it for at least an hour until it was bedtime, and kept commenting how fast it was! Shirley sure didn’t disappoint! This is type of exceptional service is rare, especially when the product is out of the warranty window. Thank you, Shirley!

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