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The BEZGAR TB202 is a 1/20 scale rc car. Relying on more professional design and better quality materials, this toy-grade RC truck is designed for those who want to move towards a high-end hobby-grade RC truck Designed for beginners and children.Given that BEZGAR TB202 has a compact design and excellent driving performance, the price is relatively low, it is a car worth buying without hesitation.

BEZGAR-TB202 Toy Grade

1:20 Scale Remote Control Car-2WD High Speed 20 Km/h All Terrains Electric Toy Off Road RC Truck Crawler with Rechargeable Batteries for Boys Kids and Adults-Blue



Tiny 1:20 Scale-This scale makes the car easier to control and carry out – an ideal toy grade RC truck for boys and girls over 6 years old


Absorb Vibration for the remote control car- Protect electronic components, absorb small bumps with ease.stiffen progressively to resist bottoming out over large jumps


Thick Design for the rc car–prevent collision damage, better protect auto parts from collision, without fear of conquering all kinds of terrain



I recently purchased this RC car for my son’s birthday. I must say this RC car is the most durable RC car I’ve ever purchased! After he opened all his presents, he gave me a huge hug and thanks me for buying this awesome toy car. What else can I say besides kid approved with two thumbs up!

Angie P

My 9 year old bought this car and it drives and maneuvers really well. It is fast and fun! We bought another one for our daughter (12) with hand deformities and she was able to really zip this around with great control. Unfortunately our sons car had an issue so we contacted BEZGAR and they responded the same day. I sent them a video of what the issue was and they responded the same day again and determined the best course of action was to send us a replacement which arrived in less than a week!


My son received this from his grandparents for his birthday. He is very rough with his toys and promptly broke the steering and the support on the front, right tire gave out (the plastic bracket broke off). Fortunately, I contacted Bezgar's customer service and they sent a replacement car right away. Not the most robust product but at least the replaced the vehicle quickly. Hopefully, this replacement car lasts a little longer. Thanks!

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