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The BEZGAR TC141 is a cool toy grade RC car gift for boys and girls, an ideal birthday gift or any casual gift. If you're looking for an exciting and extra cool gift, then you'll love our radio controlled car. Racing your family or friends is always exciting and everyone can join in the fun with BEZGAR.

BEZGAR-TC141 Toy Grade

1:14 Scale Remote Control Car, All Terrains Electric Toy Off Road RC Truck Crawler Vehicle with Rechargeable Batteries



The lighting effect makes it more like a real racing car. You can play this rc crawler with your friends even in the dim light, bringing you a richer racing experience.


The high quality shock absorbers at the wheel joint can improve the stability of the remote control truck and resistance to fall, effectively reduce the impact of the ground, and better protect the electronic components in the remote control car for boys 8-12.


The car shell is made of strong materials and scratch resistant design, making the car hard to damage even when dropped from a high place. This remote control car can withstand strong impact and is durable.



This toy is fun for kids to play in house and out. We had it for three days so far works pretty well. It does run for 30 mins on one charge as many reviewers posted, which I'm happy with. Changing battery after drain took a time because you have to manually swap the battery, but I don't feel so bad because typically we play about 10 mins we get enough out of it already if in house so we don't have to charge everytime. The circuit has a self disrupt, if not used for a set amount of time it goes to sleep so it saves battery, don't mind having to ho and toggle the power switch to reapawn the beast. It is well torqued, can climb hills and slow enough to be safe to play for kids, we had a sports one before it hurt when it hits your leg, so this feel safer. I played outside with my kid on a dog and mini golf park with rough terrains, it was a lot of fun. The left front wheel steering was a bit inward but unit is 4 wheel drive so doesn't matter as much, still goes straight pretty much. We run this thing in park for almost 30 mins as well. I hope the unit last few months, from reviews some complained it wont last, but even the expensive ones has similar posts and similar ratio of bad reviews, I hope I'm lucky on it. Doesnt feel sturdy but it doesn't look like it's going to fall apart after three days of moderate uses, so far charged battery 4 times already.

 Amanda C.

Great RC car, especially for the price! Drives well on grass and over bumps. I needed an affordable car for my 5 year old. He loves that he can race with his older brother now and it's held up very well.

 Kindle Customer

My son had received this truck from a friend for Christmas. Unfortunately the remote did not last very long, and I ended up contacting Customer Service to request a new remote. Their response was super quick, and they ended up sending us a whole new truck. Very satisfied! Sylvia

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