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The BEZGAR TD281 - 4 wheel drive RC stunt car is equipped with high quality and more features than you can imagine. 360°rotation, double side drive, forward, backward, left, right turn. Super fun stunt car for kids and adults, a great experience for you.

BEZGAR-TD281 Toy Grade

1:28 Scale Remote Control Car, 4WD Double Sided Rotating 360° Flips Electric Toy Stunt Cars RC Vehicle Truck Crawler for Kids



Double side can be driven, will even drive when it's upside down, non-stop even rollover. Equipped with 4 heavy duty off-road, anti-shock wheels for smooth.


Our remote-control car premium pack offers two battery packs, the battery voltage is 4.8v and battery capacity is 800mAh. It will last 40 minutes(20 min for each battery) under normal use which allow you a longer play time!


Car body is made of plastic but a highest standard plastic which is ABS that make the car firm and durable. This remote control car for boys or girls is a great companion.


 Xavier Stinson

Works great, but just a couple of things we had issues with. The screw in the remote control was stripped and impossible to remove. Therefore we had to break it in order to load the batteries. Also, the battery life on the car doesn't last long. I believe it lasted 2 hours max.


Bought this for our little boy as he turned three. He hasn't got a hang of it yet but will eventually when we take this out with him to the beach. He loves playing in the sand so this would add something out of the ordinary. Going back to the toy, it is (surprisingly) very well made and extremely durable. Love the form-fitting remote and comes with 2 AA batteries. It also includes two sets of rechargeable batteries for the vehicle as well as a small screwdriver to unlock the battery compartment which is a nice gesture. Overall I am very satisfied, so good that I decided to buy one for my (adult) self and another for on behalf of a friend's family member. So yeah, three purchases in less than 7 days!


This was a gift and it was definitely enjoyed. Thankful it came with two batteries as they only last about 15min each. Charge takes about 2-3hr. The remote control is complicated as the car flips and goes the opposite way as the way before. If you enjoy only going in a straight line or in circles this is the toy for you! The car is quite hardy as well, it's been driven down 12 steps and off 5ft jumps. Quite happy with it so far.

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