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The BEZGAR TM201 is a toy grade remote control car. The 1/20 scale makes it easier to control, it can go up to 15Km/h at full speed with a brushed built-in motor. Its powerful performance makes this rc car an ideal toy for boys and girls up 6 years old. Certainly, adults also can get a relatively passionate remote-control experience from this truck for sure.

BEZGAR-TM201 Toy Grade

1:20 Scale Remote Control Car,2WD Top Speed 15 Km/h Electric Toy Off Road 2.4GHz RC Monster Vehicle Truck Crawler with Two Rechargeable Batteries for Boys Kids and Adults



Scratch-resistant, flexible and light characteristics -achieve better control and more lightness, effectively prevent damage from the rc cars caused by crashes


Tiny 1:20 Scale-This scale makes the car easier to control and carry out – an ideal toy grade RC truck for boys and girls up 6 years old


Rubber Material & Designed Tire Thread- Better elasticity, wear resistance, heat resistance, chemical stability and grip; Allow the remote control car to adapt and conquer more terrains



When we gave this to our 10 year old grandson for his birthday, he and his father worked together to get it up and running. Then the fun began. The RC itself is well built and works great. The battery life w as s reported to be pretty good but the charging time to a 10 year old is a long time. But it is standard time frame for the toy. I liked how well build the main unit is. The cover that is suppose to be the truck body is flexible and not likely to be destroyed quickly. In all it’s a nice gift to give to preteens and adult men. Price is very reasonable for what it is.


This is our sons first RC car that isn’t a cheapo kid one. My son loves it so much. It goes really fast in the sand, grass, rocks. My only complaint would be trying to find replacement parts, we need a new battery cover and can’t use the car until I somehow find one.

 M. Martinez

Before i begin i want put out the fact that this i starter/to rc. That being said, i was very surprised with the item. For one the wrong size screwdriver came with it but that was no biggie. The the truck itself was smaller, lighter, and looked a bit fragile, but that was definitely not the case. The truck was very durable and can handle most terrain, that ive tried at least. The controller felt a bit cheap but was easy to use and handled pefectly. All in all the item worked so great and the battery life and extra battery but lacks mobile charging capabilities. But despite that, im gonna oder another to race with my nephew. So i do recommend this item.

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