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Winter is Coming & RC Car Fans, Rejoice! Bezgar Is Here to Keep You Up-to-Date

Winter is Coming & RC Car Fans, Rejoice! Bezgar Is Here to Keep You Up-to-Date

META: Keep up to date with the latest Bezgar news with our blog posts of all the deals, hot gossip, and the best bits of the Bezgar world.

It's that time of year again, RC monster truck fans!

The snow is starting to fall, the temperatures are dropping, and Bezgar is here to keep you up-to-date on all the latest news in the RC world. Our team has been hard at work over the past few months, and we're excited to announce our newest release: HP161S

There's a ton of stuff going on in the Bezgar-sphere, and you're in the best place to keep up with it all. So, let's cut the talk and get straight into the juice of everything you need to know. 

Christmas Sales are Coming!

Over Thanksgiving and Black Friday, we had fantastic fun with massive discounts and giveaways on some of our biggest and best models. We even gave away a limited edition RC truck to one lucky winner!

But just in case you missed it or you’re looking for even more discounts on some of the best remote control trucks in the game, we do, of course, have our Christmas specials on their way.

Throughout the whole festive season of Christmas and New Year, we’re putting the pedal to the metal and never slowing down.

Head over to our website, sign up the newsletter, or chuck us a follow on social media to make sure you don’t miss our upcoming winter sales and Black Friday deals so you can get the remote control monster truck of your dreams at the best price. 

Even Santa’s impressed with our Christmas cheer!

We're also continuing our holiday giveaway where one lucky winner a month will receive one of our best models, like the HB121, all the way up until Christmas, so head over to our Instagram page for a chance to win!

Introducing the Incredible HP161S

This month has also seen the release of the brand-new HP161S RC truck, the perfect RC vehicle for winter driving. These RC monster car trucks offer incredible traction and stability even in the iciest of conditions. It even retained its grip on some pretty hefty snowbanks!

It's equipped with an impressive 6-wheel drive system, a powerful motor, and plenty of speed to take your RC adventures to the next level. Whether you're racing your RC car in the snow or just cruising around town, HP161S is sure to keep you safe and entertained for hours on end!

For those of you interested in the specs, this model comes equipped with a 2845 brushless motor and a high-capacity 11.4V battery, and we've completely overhauled and redesigned the metal drivetrain to create our most stable performance ever.

With dual-speed options and the ability to burst out at up to 62 km per hour, this is one remote control car you won't want to miss out on!

Experience the Thrill of RC Cars

At Bezgar, we believe RC cars are more than just a toy – they are an experience and a passion. Remote control monster trucks provide endless hours of excitement and adventure, no matter the conditions or terrain. 

RC vehicles aren't just for kids; adults can enjoy them too! Remote control 4x4 cars provide an amazing opportunity to explore the outdoors in ways you couldn't before. So don't miss out on this exciting remote control truck adventure – come join the RC car revolution today!

If you’re looking for a fantastic, budget-friendly option that still offers an excellent amount of raw power and performance, then surely take your time to check out the HM124 and HM164 models. 

Let's make winter a season for RC monster truck conquests and fun! 

We can't wait to hear about your remote control adventures. Reach out to us anytime – we love hearing from you! Happy RC driving, and be safe out there, RC fans!

Happy Holidays from us here at the Bezgar team headquarters, and don't forget, for all the latest posts and updates, head over to our social media profiles and give us a follow! 

See you there! 🚗🔥

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