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Free Shipping on orders over $88. Subscribe to claim the coupon to save 10% over $100.


Based on 3298 reviews
Awesome little truck

I've been having so much fun with this hp161s. On the remote there's a button that you can run 70% power or 100%. I'm still using it at 70% and having a blast with it. I've tried it at 100% and it's way too fast for my driving skills, but I'm getting used to it. 👍👍

Excellent product, excellent Service

Purchased our truck Dec 2022 and have run it like crazy. This truck has been so much fun for our son and let's be honest, for the mom and dad as well!! Had a part break and Bezgar helped pin point the broken part quickly and assisted in getting the new part shipped quickly!! We enjoy our truck so much we are looking at picking up another one!!

Kids and adults will enjoy rc car

Goes really fast!!!! Comes with 3s battery. Easy to install in car. Lots of fun. Will order 2 more batteries

Best birthday present

This is our first car in kind, my kids are excited about this car.

Bezgar hm124

customer service is great quick to replay they get back to you in the same day very much satisfied with this company. The rc truck is more than I expected Is very fast and lots of fun

love this rc car and customer service was the best.

i love this rc car. i own 3 other rc cars and this one is the best.

Solid RC car for kids

Very fun, easy to drive and control for my 8 yr old son. Battery life is great. Customer service interactions with this company were prompt and helpful.


This thing is AMAZING! Highly recommend! Love it!

Great RC truck for hobbyists

I bought this truck after having quite a bit of research on RC trucks and RC brands in YouTube, Reddit, and a few other hobby websites. I had a couple of RC cars growing up many years ago, so I had a sense of what I wanted: Aa 4WD truck that was fun, ready to run, fast (if I wanted), and one that I could easily run on grass, dirt and asphalt. Most importantly, I looked a truck that both my son (5 year old) and I could easily play with in our backyard or at a park.

Great product and faster then I expected.

I bought this for my 12 year old son and he loves it. It is fast and responds quickly to the remote commands.

Great model

Wow. this has been so much fun driving this all over the street, yard and woods. My kids and I are truly entertained. The battery life is a bit limited. I will have to buy a few more in order drive it for a longer time. We have taken it off of a few jumps and it continues to stay strong. Great and fun product.

Great value for the what your get

Great value for what you get. Have had a few months now. And love it still. Havent had any major issues with it. One downside is it gets a lot of debrees right up in the 4x4 shaft down the center. Other than that, Superb!

Great toy!!

My boys are absolutely loving this new RC car as it’s so fun and durable. They have had hours of fun using it as it’s very easy to use. I would highly recommend this product as its high quality. They have been playing non stop with it for days!!

A great car and very fast, my son and I had a lot of fun.

This little car is fast and durable. If you're thinking of buying it. Just do it and stop reading reviews.

This truck is amazing

The speed, the response and the ability to jump curbs smoothly are fantastic. The two included batteries allow for plenty of play time. I’ve only had it a week, no issues, company support during registration was fantastic and prompt.

Great truck

I purchased this car, and it ran and worked perfectly. After a few weeks of heavy use one of the rear axles broke. The company was very responsive and sent me a replacement part that was easy to install. I've since used the car and it's working perfectly. I planned to buy another car to add it to the collection so that I can race with another individual.

Love this mini beast

Very unique and solid design for fun. Kids love to play it

Very durable RC car. Good customer service

I got this for my son. I like working on things and I liked how I could repair any component on this car. The car was very durable and my son (along with his cousins) really abused this car. I mean, they would go 30 mph into a concrete wall. They were really terrible drivers. Not much phased this thing. However, on two occasions it did break. the first time the kids blew one of the shocks. I got two for about $12 and replaced it in about 5 minutes. The second time they stripped the spur gear. Again, the kids were really brutal to this thing. Bezgar didnt have the part at the time so they just sent me a new car! I didnt even ask for one because it was obviously my sons fault, not the manufacture, but they just sent one anyway. Great customer service if you ask me.

Great RC for kids and adults

This is great RC car for kids and adults. I was surprised when tried it for a first time, was way too fast at full speed. It has speed control so my son and I had to learn at lower speeds till we were able to go full throttle. Does great on grass, sand or hard surface. Customer service is very responsive, i needed one little part, they shipped it to me promptly since car was still under warranty. Own this car for over a year and love everything about it.

Nice propellers and fun to use

 The kids love taking this our on the lake. We have a boat & love to bring it along. We have a pretty slow boat, so this little boat stays right beside us while we are cruising.

So cool

This boat is a great choice for both adults and kids looking for a fun and fast remote control boat. With a top speed of over 20MPH and a rechargeable battery, it's perfect for use in pools and lakes. The double-hatch design adds an extra layer of convenience and protection. Overall, this is a fantastic option for anyone looking to enjoy some high-speed water adventures.

Just in time

We made plans to go to the local lake here afternoon and just before leaving this showed up. My sons were ecstatic. Fun like boat and pretty quick! Great Buy


Controller is ok but the truck its self is awesome. Really good suspension.


i was impressed until customer service had stopped replying to me because they cant find the part i need. i also think its not produced. i sent them detailed pictures to no avail. so the truck just sits there because i cannot get my nephew the replacement part. even tho its advertised as hobby grade, with available replacements. for the price you.... step it up bezgar

Highly pleased!!! Recommended fully!!!!!!

After receiving the car 1. the box is awesome 2. the truck was so cool looking 3. after driving this with a smile on my face the whole time I realized this was the best remote control R.C truck I have ever drove and the price was unreal. 4. So in conclusion what you pay and what you get is ridiculous,if your looking at buying a R.C car this is the way to go if you don’t you will regret it.. I am going to purchase another one as soon as I can, I have two boys but don’t wanna mess up twice in one hand but i will be purchasing many products from this company. Shout out to Tommy you the man. Also there customer service top notch. Go,,,go,,,,,,,go now and check out if you don’t like it I’ll buy it from you!!!!!!