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Based on 2922 reviews
Stopped working

Only used it a month stoped working it only sterres you give it throttle and it shuts off of put new batteries and didn't work

This is one solid little RC car

This is truly a well made and thought out RC car! So many metal parts and what seems to be actual oil filled shocks. It’s a great little brushless system with an included 3s battery.The only thing I believe would make it better is an upgraded controller (the included controller works great but just a personal feeling) and including a 2nd battery. It is truly a beast of a car and very durable.Note: install the included wheelie bar. It has a ton of power and really needs it.Awesome little truck!

The truck runs and drives great though just as listed.

Purchased the New Bezgar RC Car because my Twin boys have most of the hobby-grade trucks they sell and play outside with them more than anything else. They seem to be the best offered in my opinion. The first one we purchased still runs as good as new. There is a full list of optional parts to upgrade the truck with, it would be nice to have them already since the other hobby grades do. The truck runs and drives great though just as listed.

So good

Tris car in sooooooo good. good car
Good motor good Wheels good baterry and more things…

Lots of fun

Really fun for a beginners extra car. Battery life last awhile, and well made.

Great rc

Really quality parts everywhere on the truck. The rc runs very good. The suspension is high quality and works good. I would recommend putting the wheelie bar they provide with the truck because this truck has a ton of power. Overall this is a great rc.

Best 1:16 rc truck around

 So I've been around the block quite a bit with ALOT of 1:16 mini racers and this Bezgar is now the fastest and best built right out of the box. With the included 3S lipo you can do 40mph on a smooth road, guaranteed. This little truck is so fast and zippy, it's just endless fun. I've built and bought MANY rc trucks and honestly this little Bezgar has impressed me so much with its build quality, style and speed. It's an absolute speed demon! You won't regret getting this, it's not a toy, it's an absolute RC grade mini truck.

Great Rc; Excellent Customer Service

This is the second Bezgar product Ive purchased over the last 2 years. This specific model has alot of power, so it can be difficult to control at first. What has kept me coming back to Bezgar is their customer service. Each time I needed something replaced under warranty, their staff has been easy to work with, and the replacement parts shipped fast. Very satisfied customer

Very fast and powerful!

Very fast truck! Plenty of power for playing in dirt, sand, or anything. I have other bezgar trucks and they are all great value rc trucks!

If anything, I need to apologize to Bezgar...twice.

I was shopping for my nephew (and myself) for a 1st RC car. I almost cancelled this purchase. Bezgar I am sorry. This thing is just a joy to drive. I also purchased a different brand to compare. No comparison. It even "looks" more expensive than the 2nd 1/16 I purchased. I then was upset because we couldn't figure out how to mount the wheelie bar...which you need if you are not a seasoned driver. I wrote to Bezgar upset because I thought it didn't fit. (my 2nd apology, it was me; NOT Bezgar; I am sorry.) I have driven on and off and this has put a smile on my face even faster than it did my 9 year old nephew. He now loves it as much as I do...maybe. This may be the car that makes me stick with this hobby for good. Thanks Bezgar! I'm a kid again! Wait, this is not a toy. That part is true. If my nephew hadn't had rc cars for the past few years I doubt he could've handled this one, but he is quickly becoming a pro. - A proud uncle -

This is one fast remote control vehicle

This thing is fast. It was packaged nicely however it was a bit confusing trying to figure out things without reading the booklet. The material seems sturdy to withstand wrecks and ect. My 7yr old loves this and plays with it all the time. Definitely recommend.

Nice RC truck

I bought this for my for son and he loves it! Also, customer service is great and responsive.

High quality, fast, and fun RC, that's nice enough for adults too.

The RC truck by Bezgar is a pretty fast 4X4, that's a ton of fun with quality. Here are some of the things I've learned while owning it and things to consider before buying.I. Quality ...?This RC is very well built in this class and among the top quality contenders for this price range. It feels super solid and has held up very well to the abuse I has dished out without any failures so far. I'd guess it should last a while and hold up well.II. Usability ...?It's very easy and fun to operate, coming fully assembled. It includes a lot of extras like a wheelie bar, bag, ext. It's also fast and easy to steer.Overall, this is a very nice option for both kids and adults. I'm very impressed with the quality and functionality, leaving me happy with my choice. I'll be sure to update this review, if I ever start to have problems with it.You can trust that this review is simply my honest opinion that is attempting to provide you with helpful insight that I wish I had before I picked this product. Hopefully it was helpful in your decision.

Powerful and fast

This RC car is super fast and powerful. Great build quality and durable. I drove it on rough road, grass and it drove with power. It can handle big jumps like no big deal. It covers pretty long distance. It has impressive speed, beginners might need practice. Battery life is average, but with the two batteries it lasts little longer. Love it

Another fantastic Bezgar Vehicle

We bought my son the Bezgar HM161 truck for Christmas. He had wanted a quality RC truck for quite some time, but not knowing if it would be a passing phase I didn't want to drop several hundred bucks if he would get bored with it. I read all the reviews and decided to roll the dice and am I ever glad that I did. The whole family has had so much fun that I decided we needed a second truck, mostly because I was tired of waiting for my turn. When I saw this new truck, it was just what I was looking for. I don't need a big truck like my son's (his is the older 1:10 version). This is a fantastic way to get into what is typically a very expensive hobby at the fraction of the cost.And these trucks truly are hobby grade. Well built, very durable (with replaceable parts in case anything ever does break), and most importantly FAST. I was worried that the smaller truck wouldn't be as fast but I had nothing to worry about. The controller has a speed adjustment so you can slow it down for beginners My son, 12, ran it at a slower speed for the first ten minutes to get the feel for it, but has been running it full throttle ever since. A neighbor down the street also bought his kids RC trucks for Christmas, and his (4-5 times more expensive) trucks have nothing on these guys.Battery life is fantastic, better than advertised. One thing to be careful of is that the plastic shells will become brittle in the cold, this is in no way the fault of the manufacturer or the product, this would happen to any RC car or any plastic for that matter. It's just science (ask anyone who drives a soft-top jeep in the winter). My son did manage to crack the body on one of the trucks after flipping it several times on a particularly cold day (cold enough there is probably a warning somewhere in the documentation). That was totally our own fault. And even so, it is barely even noticeable.Bezgar support has been fantastic to work with. I did not have any issues, but when I contacted them for warranty registration they let me pick spare parts that they sent, I chose extra batteries, because you can never have too many batteries.I will update if anything changes but at this time I am extremely satisfied with the performance and value of both trucks as well as with Bezgar. I wouldn't hesitate to purchase another vehicle from them in the future

Super fast and fun

Got this for my son and was hoping for a super fast and tough car! It did not disappoint! He has put it thru all kinds of abuse and plays with it almost daily. I was really surprised at how fast it does go! He loves it when I set up tracks and stuff for him to knock over! Definitely a keeper!!

Great RC car for the price

This RC car works a lot better than I was expecting. It works well on multiple terrains and goes pretty fast. It's a nice quality RC car and is very easy to operate. The tires stick out farther than the body so the tires take most of the impact which helps protect the car from damage. The batteries last about 20 minutes which is pretty typical. Nice value RC car!

A+ Customer Service!

Great product and GREAT customer service!

Nice car but only 1 battery that doesn't last long

I bought it for my son for Christmas he used it but only lasted very little and only came with 1 battery. I thought it came with 2 batteries because it said 30 min play time. I think I'll return it it was almost $100 dll for less than 15 min play time. Not worth it.

Fast and fun!

Got as a gift for Christmas so I haven't seen it work yet personally but was told that it works amazing and that they loved it! Fast and fun!! Kids or adults would like to play with this.

Fun truck

This is a fun 4-wheel-drive remote control truck. It's fast enough to be fun for adults.It's held up well bashing into trees and curbs and down concrete stairs.The only time it failed was when I tried to run it in the snow when the temperature was 10 degrees; I think the battery didn't produce enough voltage in the cold.

this is our 2nd BEZGAR car and we love it. its fast, its durable, and a whole lot of fun

this is our 2nd BEZGAR car and we love it. its fast, its durable, and a whole lot of fun as its racing around on the beach. since going this fast sucks a lot of juice i recommend getting another battery couple of packs to keep the fun going.

Impressed. It's very quick.

Excellent quality. Very fun to run. Great price to get you into the hobby. Good run time too. I would recommend this rc truck to anyone who would like a good hobby grade rc. My son says this took him to the next level.

Bang for your buck

Bought this on a sale. It has become my favorite rc car. Sent this to the moon and the only thing I've had to replace is body clips. Can hand it over to the kids and let them bash it without worry.

Very impressive what you get for the price

I have a few Rc trucks that I got last year that were also inexpensive and gave you a good bang for your buck but this truck is just on another level for the price. There is absolutely nothing about this truck that didn't blow me away, performance, build, quality, design and accessories, everything is very good for the price.The build of the truck is fantastic. The removable shell feels sturdy and has a nice aesthetic design. The shocks are large and are adjustable for a stiffer ride. The tires are large and have plenty of grip. Underneath the shell, everything looks well organized. I especially like that they gave the battery a modular design, this makes the battery fit perfectly in its compartment.The quality of materials is also very impressive. The black frame parts feel like very strong plastic but the grey parts feel like heavy duty plastic, the gray parts just feel more rigid. There are some metal parts on the suspension and drivetrain. The rear axles are made of metal, the shocks are partially made of metal, the front control arms and the rod that connects the rear to the front tires is also made of metal.For accessories you get a very nice remote with a foam steering grip, two modular batteries, a carry case for the batteries, an optional wheelie bar and a pretty well made USB charger. The wheelie bar is mostly optional because the truck doesn't quite have enough power to do a wheelie unless you maybe upgrade the battery.The performance is very good especially for the price, steering is very precise, throttle is very responsive, the grippy tires just need a bit more power to do wheelies and top speed is more than enough for a beginner in my opinion. The truck does drives in gravel very well and also does well in short grass.The one thing I was worried about with the battery was that the modular design might not let it use other batteries but the connectors are actually universal. The battery has the two pin design and the white connector for charging so any compatible battery should fit, the hinge that holds the modular battery should also keep a regular battery in place.Overall the truck is absolutely worth every penny, the design very good, the quality is also very good and the performance is once again very good. The user manual also has a detailed parts list and part number for every single part including each bolt, this makes the truck a beginner hobby level type of Rc truck.The one thing that I did notice is that they added adjustable control arms on the front that are not quite adjusted properly by default so it's something that you might want to adjust but it is awesome that it also has adjustable rods.