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WOW; This boat is Fast

I have a rather large pool, 40' x 20', and this boat zips across it end to end, doing figure 8s in seconds. I have been running RC vehicles for many years and dang this little thing is fast. It comes with a 7.4v 2000mah battery, and before I started playing with it in the pool, I was considering trying out an 11v 2200mah battery I have from other vehicles.I was almost not able to keep it in the pool. It took me a few minutes to get the hang of the speed and steering when I was up on a plane.Very sluggish when trying low speeds and reverse is almost unusable. But once you get this up on a plane and have it zipping around, dang it's fast and fun. My pool is definitely too small. I may need to go try in a lake with a bit more surface area to play on.

Super cool little boat.

The only think I dont like is that it only comes with one battery.. Its truly an awesome and fast little boat. Its not made for small pools because its way too fast but for lakes and large pools its great. Looks cool and is double sealed to protect electronics from water. Great little boat!

Pleasant emotions of my son

I bought another toy for my son. He was very pleasedSo far we have only tried it in the pool, and we hope to try it in the bayIn general, it handles well, the battery lasts well and I'm glad that there are 2 of them in the setIt seems to me that the maximum speed is less than the declared one, but the boat is quite fastHave a nice time. Now his friends are asking to play

The best RC buggy / truggy under $200

Before anyone assumes i posted a review under the wrong post, let me first mention that this is in fact the 1/12 scale Bezgar HM124 (same as the HBX 901a) with a different buggy style body I modified to fit onto this chassis.Overview : Let me first start by saying this RC car is really incredible with excellent build quality, speed, handling, and performance for under $200. The brushless motor and ecu are very precise and calibrated well with the throttle positioning on the transmitter, and as others have described you can easily dial down the speed for younger / less experienced drivers. The steering servo is decent with enough power to turn the wheels full lock, but unfortunately the servo horn is multi proposed as the servo saver as well which can cause the steering to feel spongy at times, very minor issue and easily upgradable if desired. My RC car came with (3) 7.4v lithium - "ion" batteries which provide approx 20 mins of solid run time before experiencing the voltage cutoff, over an hour total when all 3 batteries are charged and ready to go. Although the supplied batteries are plenty sufficient, I run bigger 7.4v 2S lipo 1800mah batteries instead for additional power and longer run time. I have spent well over 20 hours of hard run time and abuse and absolutely love this RC car, this is most likely the best RC car you can buy for under $200.Durability : The HM124 is built extremely well, I would even say it's "over -built" with strong composite plastics and metal components where it counts. The RC car out of box is a ton of fun and can be bashed and driven hard, and because the important components are strong and allow for performance upgrades down the road if you want more power and speed. For example, the brushless motor is geared conservatively with a 12T pinion (quicker acceleration, lower top speed, better battery life) but and also has preset optional mounting holes for a14T pinion (faster top speed, more torque) which you can upgrade for even faster speeds without the risk of overheating and stressing the engine or ECU. The motor and ECU stay extremely cool with the factory 12T pinion gear, so there's no concerns running a larger 14T pinion gear (or running larger tires) and not having to worry about the extra strain on the motor and ecu.Customer Support : This is by far the most important category when it comes to any hobby grade RC car because parts will eventually break and it's important to know that the company has your best interests in mind and care about your satisfaction by providing supportive customer service that will help you get your RC car back out on the trails. I recently broke a wheel (picture included) and emailed bezgar customer service directly, looking for a link so I could "purchase" a spare set of wheels and they replied very quickly (same day) offering to send me out a pair of replacement wheels "for FREE"! The package arrived via Amazon delivery within a couple days and I was very surprised to see they also included a number of additional parts such as an extra battery, battery strap, pair of wheel hexes, pair of shocks, axle couplers, body clips, and an extra truggy body shell! Again this was all for free when i was fully expecting to pay for the replacement wheels, just an incredible experience with their customer service, FAR BEYOND better than I could have ever expected!Overall I would highly recommend this Bezgar HM124 1/12 scale RC car for anyone that wants a good quality / fast buggy platform that is a lot of fun, fast, handles really well, has strong durability and above and beyond customer support, for under $200. No brainer, I will likely be buying a second one soon!EDIT (2/15/2022): I wanted to share an update that the 2 in 1 ESC receiver did fail on me a couple days after I posted this 5 star review, and unfortunately the ESC was not in stock on Amazon so I had to buy one directly from HBX in China and it just arrived yesterday. I wanted to share this because both bezgar customer service and the seller for this Amazon listing went above and beyond to help try and find me a replacement ESC, and I could not speak more highly about their loyalty to their customers, even when they are out of stock and unable to assist. The new ESC is now installed and synchronized / binded directly to my original transmitter with no issues and my fun little buggy is back on the road once again. I am a hobbyist and have many different RC cars and I can confidently say this HM124 is by far my favorite 1/12 scale ripper!

Great purchase

3 batteries are great. Sent this thing off BMX ramps and stands up to it. Lots of spare parts. For the price... Zero faults. Also nice to be able to adjust speed and steering so you can hand it off to a kid and not be worried.

So much fun

This car is awesome. Fast and easy to control. I upgraded to 3s batteries and whoa, hold onto your hat. I did however get too confident and smashed into the neighbors mailbox full speed breaking many front end components. However, it is truly hobby grade and all parts are available, even aluminum upgrades which I opted for after my first crash (photo is after upgrades). I highly recommend this for someone starting out in RC.

My favorite all around budget rc car!

I truly believe for the price this is the best beginner car for anyone for the price you are getting a brushless rc car with a lipo battery thats hard to come by with most other cars it does flips wheelies and is pretty fast I havent broken mine in the time Ive had it Ive sent it at the skate park and have driven it in deep snow all around a impressive car for the money!

This is one solid little RC car

This is truly a well made and thought out RC car! So many metal parts and what seems to be actual oil filled shocks. It’s a great little brushless system with an included 3s battery.The only thing I believe would make it better is an upgraded controller (the included controller works great but just a personal feeling) and including a 2nd battery. It is truly a beast of a car and very durable.Note: install the included wheelie bar. It has a ton of power and really needs it.Awesome little truck!

Really awesome boat

My kids and I loved this boat, it is really money's worth. It is very easy to setup and easy to control by anyone. The top top where the battery goes is sealed good cause I've seen so many boats that gets water in and brakes down. It is fast, lots of fun and really good range control. My kids enjoyed playing with it since it comes with 2 long lasting batteries. No one will be disappointed with this beautiful boat toy...

Well built

I am shockingly impressed with this little machine, it's well built, good materials and very fast, kind of too fast. You need good throttle control. Worth every penny, great starter RC truck, hobbie grade it's not a toy. It's even upgradeable. Also has a front LED that's bright and can be turned on and off via the controller.

Bezgar support team was wonderful in helping me get my car fixed and running properly!

Great product. Did have front left wheel damage upon arrival but the Bezgar support team was absolutely wonderful with getting it figured out. They sent a brand new one to me just days after I received the bad one in the mail. On top of that they even said they were sending a new front end shaft for the problem I was having with the first one to fix that one and keep it for myself. Good choice, fast rc car, and best of all the charge time on the battery is like 30-40 minutes each and it comes with 3 of them, so charge them all and you got at LEAST an hour and a half of playing with your new hobby grade rc car! Thanks Bezgar!

Great boat

Two batteries for longer fun and a very nice carrying case. Great bundle and very giftable

Cool little quick RC boat

It has a brushed motor but is still pretty quick. Great for kids and for fun in a large pool or small lake. I like the LEDs on it as well. I do wish it came with 2 batteries but it still provides a great amount of run time.Great little boat!

Great for a gift.

The remote control boat is a good quality product. I would suggest this as a gift it's a lot of fun.This is a great easy to use remote control boat. I like the battery life it's decent and charges pretty quickly.The boat is not too difficult to control I was able to let my nephew use it and he had no problems. I would recommend this remote control boat for the overall quality and fun factor.


This car is so impressive! I looks great, it is FAST and agile. I moves around on pavement/smooth surfaces at a speed that surprised me. Acceleration is extremely fast! The 4 wheel drive really holds this car to the ground especially while turning and while giving it full power from a dead stop. It moves around in the grass/dirt or off smooth surfaces like a jack rabbit and is still very controllable - I haven't had this much fun with one of these since I was a small kid. It comes out of the box ready to run, just charge the battery up first.

Crazy 3S speed, but still controllable!

This is a very good truck. The 2845 brushless motor, small size, and 3S battery combine to produce an incredible amount of speed and acceleration. It comes with a wheelie bar and boy do you need it! Without the wheelie bar it will do a back flip if you punch the trigger.Amazingly, despite it's small size and fast speed, it still has good control and handling. It drives straight and handles nicely. Handling is further enhanced with good quality oil-filled shocks.The build quality is very good, including:-Fan on the motor-Metal 4WD drivetrain-Two modular batteries that clips in securely-Heatsink on the ESC-Adjustable steering linkages-Honeycomb floor beneath the battery for heat dissipation.-3-wire servo with quick reaction timeIt also looks super cool. The shell design is modern but not out of control. The tires and rims look cool and the LED bumper headlight is super bright. The headlight can be turned on and off from the remote.The remote is pretty basic. It's a bit narrow and light, but it works fine. There are two speed settings: 70% and 100% power. I would have preferred a fully adjustable dial that could dial back the speed to the 25% range, because though this truck is small enough to drive indoors, at 70% power it's too much speed for the beginner.There are a ton of 1:16 and 1:14 RC trucks on Amazon now, but to my knowledge this is the only one running 3S. This truck will also run 2S no problem, and that would be a good option to have on hand for a younger driver. To run this thing on 3S you really need a lot of space and a driver with a decent amount of experience. It's a very tough truck that should take a lot of abuse, but a 30mph collision into a concrete curb on the street will cause some damage.Bezgar is a reputable company that sells a lot of RCs, so I would expect good customer service and decent parts availability if needed. I should mention that they also sell a brushed version of this truck, half the speed and half the price, both good options depending on your needs.Overall, an excellent truck that will run laps around anything in the sub $200 range.

A quality rc boat, a step above

I have several higher end Bezgar rc products, and have never been disappointed. This one is no exception. For $99, in this "boat" price range, this one is is a bargain. It exudes quality and has excellent fit and finish. Out on the lake, this one really moves. 20mph fast. When I hit a submerged piece of trash it flipped out of the water and landed on it's back. No problem, it quickly righted itself. My only complaint is that it only comes with ONE 7.4V 1500mAh battery. Not going to knock off a point for that however, because given that it is 1500mAh, it lasts a long time. The controller will "beep" at you when the battery is low, so you're warned in plenty of time, and you're not left with a stranded boat without power out in the middle of the lake. This is a quality rc boat in the $100 range that performs like one costing much more. I give it five stars and recommend.

Great beginner drone....

Very impressed with this drone, this was my first drone. It was very easy to setup. Basically, flew right out of the box. Charged the battery and plugged it into the drone. Pretty easy to fly for a novice, like me. I had to get use to the controls and I practiced flying it around.It has a couple preprogrammed buttons to get you started like auto take off and auto land. When I got lost with he controls, I just hit the return to home button and the drone would fly back to where it took off and land. It is a great button to know that you have.I syncing up with the app was also pretty easy. No problems there. The video and picture quality was good as well. Can't complain.All in all a great starter drone. Price was right and It was easy to fly.

This thing is wicked fast

You'll need a decent sized area of water because this thing is greased lightning and goes long distances in a very short time compared to standard RC speedboats, and it has a nice rooster tail shooting out the back when you're at full speed. It has a throttle control and steering trim on the remote so you can run it at slower (less fun) speeds. Comes with an extra propeller and nut.I love this thing.

Awesome beginners truck for the price

This truck is phenomenal for the price for a beginner. It has speed control on it so you can start off going real slow and turn it up as you get used to it it's four wheel drive it takes a beating. I won mine in a giveaway and my son loves it. Highly recommend for somebody just getting into the hobby great little truck. If you want to see some videos on it check out my YouTube channel Mr nasty1987 if you plan on purchasing one use my discount code at checkout just copy and paste you can use it on parts and accessories also and any other truck

This RC looks amazing, goes fast & controls can be mastered 5

We got excited as soon as we saw the super nice package. The instructions are pretty easy to roll with even though I just put in the water and learned that way. It's very cool looking and the twins can't get enough of it. There's a part of the water on the coast there we hardly see any waves, ocean is almost still. So we take it out there and this boat cuts the water like a warm knife on cold butter. This boat is fast and its easy to learn the controls. The range is more than acceptable and all of the extras received are a nice touch for the price. I do however need an extra battery because our recent RC vehicles all had extras but not a big deal. Highly recommended!


I have a similar drone which is a bit bigger. The phone to controller interface wasnt very user friendly or comfortable. This drone linked up perfectly with my Android and was simple to get the unit attached. The controller is very well made and feels great in the hand.The app for rhe drone is easy to use and has many features. The drone itself is easy to setup for flight and to get all the positioning sensors initialized. It hovers confidently and precisely.The photos and video quality are pretty good from the drone. I've see better from much more expensive drones. The field of view is quite wide. I wish it was a little more zoomed in.All in all it is a fun and easy to fly drone which is so easy to setup you want to take it out to fly.

Bezgar HP141S - 1/14 Scale 3S Brushless RC Car (47 MPH)
Muy buen producto super rrapido cuesta mucho el mandejo es mi primer carro ;)

Lo choke el primer dia

El carro esta muybien es muy rapido y demas es exelente en velocidad estoy muy satisfecho , lo unico que no e podido encontrar son sus partes para cambiarlas por que el carro es muy rapido y si te estrellas se ropen con facilidad sus partes quisiera poderlas comprar en metal pero veo que no hay en la tienda de vezgar .

Fast and Rugged

My grandson says he wants a faster RC than the one I got him last year, so I ordered this one, and let me tell is fast. We had to set the remote to 70% throttle because it would just be moving and crashing into something before we knew we had to turn. This thing needs space. Once we took it outdoors it was easier to control. It was powerful enough to kick up grass and fly right down the walkway. We crashed it a few times and that leads me to say this thing is durable. I crashed into a tree trying to show him how to steer it, and he rolled down six steps trying to show me. Still looks good and drives nice. We have learned to be more gentle with the throttle. lol. We love that it has real shocks and looks way better than the sub $100 cars I had brought him in the past. Awesome fun.

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