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Fun little car

Bought for a Christmas present. Ran the car for 20 minutes and now we hear a grinding sound. We are in the process of the return and hope the replacement is better. Also hitting reverse didn’t always work. Will revise review if second car is better.


Great car! Fun and great customer service.

Sweet little truck

Love this thing. Performs ok out the box, great for beginners or kids. Put thicker oil in the shocks, get some better wheels and tires, then strap in a 5200mah 2s and....... F*****g awesome! Hardcore bashing for over an hour per charge. Drive shafts are a little weak, even bone stock. Fun lil thing.

Great customer service

I bought this car for my son for his 8th birthday. He ran it for about a day and a half and it stopped functioning properly. It was a rainy day the first day he got it and I think he may have run it through one too many puddles. I contacted Bezgar and they helped me trouble shoot what was wrong with the car. They sent me a new ESC which I received within a week. I replaced the ESC and it works great. The car itself is pretty awesome. It's fast. My son loves it. Giving 5 stars due to the customer support. Hopefully the car continues working properly for a while now. I told my son to watch the puddles.

Fun RC, user manual doesn't have much info.

Thought my car was defective as it is our first RC. User manual didn't describe setup, but after playing around I figured it out.Reverse doesn't work which is annoying considering the price. Probably okay as an entry level truck to see if you like the hobby before upgrading to something a bit higher quality/expensive.

The best experience.

Very fast and long battery life and with sleek design and true to its ads., it’s pricey but it’s ok . I’m so happy playing with it: makes the kid in me excited and happy. Thank u Amazon.

Good car

Great car! Needs better parts. Didn't brake easilyGears totally stripped out! Lights didn't work. NOT water proof

Fun and fast for kids or adults

2nd one we bought since my son got one for x~mas, a great product line, and Bezgar does have a website for replacement parts.

This truck is Fast!

Fast! Runs well thru grass. Speed makes it a little difficult for younger children.Would like to see the battery last longer but no different than most other remote control car batteries.

It is super fast, and is a drifting KING


Awesome remote vehicle

Love this car. Exceeded my expectations. Worth the money!

Perfect entry level RC Basher

Fun little rc car, wish it had a bit more power, but it is great fun! I ran it in grass, on sand, into a puddle and it kept zipping along! I love that it comes with a spare Lipo and extra body! I can recommend without hesitation


Nice little truck. Had to order extra batteries because of short charge life.

Done a lot of bashing with this one

This is a follow up review of a BEZGAR 3 Purchase, I made on September 16 2021. I believe it is called the BEZGAR HB121 now. I am happy to report that it's still running strong. I haven't had to make many repairs and thanks to the help of Stephanie at BEZGAR support, I received all the parts I was promised back then and it looks new again

Well overall it's an amazing toy except for a couple issues.

I am mostly content with it but one of the chargers is defective and the tires worn out really quick and I can't seem to find any replacement ones anywhere. Other than that it's a great item

Great for the money

For the price this small Rc car is, it is a great deal, I have abused so hard since I’ve owned it and it will not break, still works like new and everything functions properly. It’s not the fastest so it’s good for younger kids getting into the rc world, the battery lasts a long time for how big it is.

Sturdy car for the price

This car is the best in the price range brushless oil filled shocks esc I got 23.6 mph stock and 1800 battery got 30mph best for beginning oh and has lights

Great Little Truck

This is a great little hobby grade truck, perfect for beginners and plenty of fun and power for more advanced users. It really takes a beating and just keeps going. In high speed it has almost enough power to do a standing backflip, while in low speed it is easy to keep the front wheels on the ground. Top speed is probably around 22 MPH, it's not going to win a race against something that 2 or 3 times more money, but it's hard to beat for the price.

Great RC

Bought for 6 year old grandson. He’s had a few RC car’s before and we felt he was ready to step up. He is handling the truck great and even won a kids class at local car show. He loves the truck!

Remote has stopped working...teice

Got this truck....loved it. The remote quit working. The truck justvtakes off driving like a maniac when the remote is not being rouched. Very dangerous. It is fast. Contacted seller and they sent a new one. After a few uses the same thing happened. It "attacks" the kids. Do not buy for children.

Very happy with this car, it has lasted a year and still going strong!

We bought three of these little race cars for our three boys at christmas 2021. Our boys are six, seven and eight years old. There are lots of options on the market, but we chose this one because it had good reviews and it has the option of replacement part kits. Our boys run these Remote control cars hard, So we have lots of experience in knowing that we are going to break parts and need to replace them. It took about six months before the boys started breaking their axles. The axles are not actually included in the replacement part kits, but I contacted customer support and they were so helpful. I was willing to purchase the replacement axles since we were outside the 90 day free replacement parts window. But the support technician got us approval to send replacement axles at no charge which was so kind, and absolutely not something I expected. The cars are very well-made and easy to work on. I expect these cars will last us a long time since we can just replace parts.We purchased the three-year protection plan on these cars which will come in handy if the motors ever give out.We bought a couple extra batteries so that They can have a couple on back up. The batteries last about 20 minutes with the boys running them at full speed. And it is easy enough to change out the batteries that my eight year old can do it by himself.We lost some of our cotter pins to keep the shell on so I replaced one of them with a safety pin which works great.

12 year old son loves it

Got this for my sons bday, and he has had no issues with it so far. Has played with it about 10 or so times- it slows down when the battery is getting low. He didn’t have any issues I read about in the comments, BUT he is a manual reader and follows set up and play instructions to a T. He’s happy with it and it’s speed, and I’m happy it hasn’t broken or been a regrettable purchase. 5 stars.

I can't say enough about this toy, the grandkid loves it

We've always had those super cheapy RC toys but as our oldest grandson got older he needed something faster and more insane to hold his attention. This thing goes great and has a decent battery life and with two batteries it lasts plenty long enough for him to try to destroy it.


Good beginner car, does about 26. After about 6 uses, shocks have started leaking. Very durable arms and metal drivetrain is amazing. Remote control has millisecond delay, but overall great!

I have the 2020 Model BZR 1

I purchased the BZR1 1:10 (looks to be almost exactly the same as this model) back in 2020. My son and I have absolutely beat the heck out of this thing. It has been so fun and amazing. I have taken the car apart myself a few times to clear the dirt and mud (yes mud) our of the inner crevises of the motor and housing and differential areas. We have jumped, fully submerged, thrown snow balls at it while going 30+ MPH down our street in a snow storm, my 2 year old sat on it, this thing is just DURABLE. It is amazing for the price, honestly.So far I have bent 3 axle shafts (straightened them myself), destroyed 2 wheels and tires to the point they wont mount, replaced the outer shell from Bezgar, super glued the steering servo arm when I snapped that...this thing just kept on going....until yesterday...2 years of solid abuse later.I emailed bezgar support hoping they will hook me up with a new center differential and drive pinions =)The center differential on both sides has sheered down to a smooth circle rather than being hex'd shaped like they should. This allows the center differential to just simply spin inside the drive pinions....essentially right now it is a less-then-walking-speed front wheel drive machine....barely goes and engages. But man, the motor is still solid, the suspension and chassis are stout and holding together, the servo still turns with my super glue job, I mean what more could you ask for for under $200???!Anyone with a 5+ y/o who is into cars and, just buy this thing now! The latest 1:10 can't go wrong!

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