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Black Friday is HERE! Enjoy Up to $50 Off + Extra 15% Site-wide! Shop Now!


Based on 3780 reviews
So much fun

Let me start by saying that I am a beginner to the RC world. A rookie, a novice, call me what you will. I got this truck with no expectations or experience. My sole reason for getting it was fun, pure and simple. And I am SO glad I did!!This little truck is a blast!! My family and I have had such a good time operating it and will continue to do so without a doubt. We have used it in our backyard, on camping trips and have even brought it on hikes. It worked right out of the box perfectly and has continued to do so every single time.It is really fast! Seriously fast. Thank goodness it has the ability to reduce the top speed on the remote control so even a beginner can have fun with it. With 2 battery packs, you can be charging one battery while still driving the truck.We have driven this truck pretty hard, flipped it countless times, accidently ran into things at a good rate of speed and it has ALWAYS come back for more. I truly can not say enough good things about this RC truck. It is worth EVERY penny!Very Highly Recommended!!

My first drone

First time drone flyer.
Was a little nervous about flying a drone for the first time because I knew nothing about them. I knew getting a "cheap kids toy" wasnt going to teach me much so I decided to try this one. If you want to learn to fly drones spend the money to buy this one before you spend the money on an advanced model. If you dont want to learn and advance to better drones...just buy the cheap toys they sell. If you are an experienced drone flyer who knows alot about drones, this drone is probably not for you. It is far from a professional drone.

I wanted a few things from my first drone. I wanted to fly high and far. I wanted to fly so far that I couldnt see the drone in eye sight and still be able to fly and come home without problems.

This drone has proved itself in that area. However I must tell you this...I got this drone to about 2500 ft away and the signal started to cut in and out even though there were no obstructions between me and the drone. Not a big deal since I am using this drone to learn. Also, when the drone was not "insight" of the controler I lost control. Whuch means going around hills in little canyons and such didnt work well.

Also, this drone will fly decent in light wind but the higher you go, the further you go...if the wind picks up you may have a problem.

I had a hard time bringing the drone home once the wind started blowing. It struggled and even blew backwards a few times but eventually I got it home.

I am happy I got this drone, It is very well built and a great drone to practice with. First time drone flyers, I encourage you to get it. It was a good purchase for me. If you really want to get into drone flying and dont have experience already, I suggest you buy this drone before you drop 2k on a professional model. This is a good drone to practice with and isnt one of those cheap toys you can get to fly around your house to chase your pets. You will get alot of satification out of this drone expecially when you fly high and far from where you are. Its fun.

Consider this drone the prerequset class before you take the advanced class. I recommend it.

One thing that doesnt impress me is the length of the batteries and how long it takes to charge them. They dont last long...especially if you are recording. Once the battery on the drone gets to 50% the drone is limited on hight and distance. Just something to think about. If you take this drone out to the middle of I do. Remember, to choose your flight time wisely because once the batteries are dead...your done. And 50% means you are limited on your flight too. There is no quick charge to these batteries either.

Amazing RC for the Intermediate/ Hobbyists

I ordered this RC Hobyiest Grade to get into the sport. And i wasnt disappointed. This thing hauls! Its crazy quick. It picks up speed like an actual off-road racing truck and you can even hear the whipple the motor makes at full throttle. However, mine did come defective and not being able to steer to the right. But I wasn’t worried as I’ve purchased Bezgar products before and know that customer service is always there to help. So I contacted Bezgar support and showed them the issue my truck had, it glitches out, and they immediately got back to me within hours. Told me to not worry, they would send me a replacement. Apart from the great service Bezgar support offers, the truck is awesome in any kind of terrain. But I wouldn’t go crazy and take it in water. It says its splash resistant IPX5. I bought 2 extra batteries as mine only came with one. The two extra batteries are still in their package as i still haven’t received the replacement. Mine wont run at high speeds without going left and not turning right. Sent Bezgar support a video of the issue and they said they would correct it ! Will update once i receive the replacement! Otherwise i love this car! Amazing truck. My friend has one and thats the reason I ordered mine. He literally has a blast with it. I highly recommend it to family and friends and it makes a perfect birthday gift. Im buying more soon as gifts for the family. Absolutely love this RC truck and the Company behind it !

Great RC Truck Bang for your Buck

The Bezgar 161 is a BLAST! Bang for Buck, this RC Truck looks cool. It’s FAST. And for anyone who is a hobbyist, you can’t get a better deal. Right out of the box, it’s ready to run, which is fantastic. The build is quality. It’s light weight. The transmitter has a long range. The suspension works well, even in tall, rugged grass. The vehicle is extremely responsive to the transmitter. Overall, you won’t find an RC Truck in this category for a better price.
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Perfect for an RC Rookie

This RC is so much fun Perfect! Perfect if you are unfamiliar with RC cars or if you are looking to get into the hobby. My eight year old ran into a few walls and over a few ramps, and this tough little car can handle it. This was a present for my son to play in the yard, now we've started building obstacle courses together. Only complaint is that it only comes with two battery. Will be ordering a battery and adding another car down the road!

Crazy fast

Great starter car ,to fast for 3S batteries better on 2S .worth the money it will take a beating parts are not expensive

Great 1:16 truck very fast and chassis feels like a major upgrade

Great 1:16 truck very fast and chassis feels like a major upgrade over the HS101 and that's saying a lot because the HS101 is a great truck as well. After owning the hs101 for several years its great to see Bezgar building some really awesome rc trucks still that are even more premium features then previous versions. My son and I love to play with it together. Well done!

Worth every penny!

Awesome little car! At the time of purchase there was a $50 off coupon making this a no brainer to buy! The fact that it comes with (3) 2s li-ion battery, Brushless Motor, (2) Body shells, (1) extra set of lights for the 2nd body, some extra parts and a little lipo bag is awesome! The receiver has speed control and ST.D/R along with trim ST. REV and TH. REV. The receiver itself feels much better in quality over its previous models and other cars from BEZGAR. This thing is fast! I would highly recommend for everyone!

Awesome RC car

Just put this car together for a test run. It is awesome. Was able to control it all the way down my driveway which is 300 feet long. Has incredible power and speed.

It's goes faster than the cars in the neighborhood

I love this car it's the best I haven't got to see the battery that well yet but I love this is goes Approximately 20 miles an hourly can go on pavement, up steep hills you can even get a free battery pack if you email bezgar and activate your 1 year warranty. You should get this car

Love the Bezgar 161

I love this remote control truck. It is a very nice entry level rc. I'm amazed how fast it is. Battery life is not as long as I would like I'll just have to buy more Batteries.

Neat Toy for an older child

Fun robot that has a lot of controls and functions. You can manually drive the robot of have him do pre-programmed movements. The robot shuffles his legs to walk so it will only work on flat surfaces. The reason I say an older child is the controls are extensive and the robot does shoot small darts. The robot is rechargeable, but the controller does take 2 AAA batteries (not included)Fun TOY!!!

Definitely buy this!! Great for the price!

After doing research on what car would be great for me I decided to pull the trigger on the bezgar hm161. I was really exited to receive the car and Hoped it was all as described. Well let me tell you this is by far one of my best purchases!!! I LOVE THE CAR! It’s fast and really easy to adjust and Maneuver. in my opinion this rc car could be for beginners or pros due to the fact that you can control the speed of the car with the remote. As far as the battery I used up what battery life it had when I first got it and it lasted about 20 min on that charge, I really can’t wait to get back out there and run it on full charge. The rc car Performed very well! The only down side is that you only get one battery but other then that it’s AWSOME BUY!! Recommend this car to anyone.
The seller actually included a warranty card and with that warranty card i can get 30% of their products or any of their component for free after sending them an email. Really happy with the car!

Fun for kids and adults too!

My kids love it. Powerful, sturdy, comes with two rechargeable batteries for total of 90 minutes of fun time.Great tires for outdoor/off-road fun, nice torque, easy to use remote (remote battery last long time).One is the best birthday gift for my son.

Super Torque/Fast Solid Build - Lots of Fun

I have a Bezgar 9 and another near Hobby Grade RC as well as a few toy grades.Boxing: Everything is secure. The batteries are provided and necessarytools to operate the RC.Controller: Decent quality, the same thing that comes with other Bezgar models. Trim feature, a high low mode, standard hobby level stuff.Build Quality: Solid, like other similar quality RCs. It has some weight to it, but not too heavy. Metal drive train, composite framing. It should last if you aren'thitting posts non stop. The shells are thin and will probably break in the near future. This is as expected. The oilfilled shocks are the same used with the Bezgar9. It looks like you could add secondaryshocks to the back.Torque - The torque is out of this world. This thingflies. It may be a little too fast, certainly too fastfor a 5 year old. Me, I can barely handle it, surelythat gets better with practice.Grass Driving: It doesn't do as well at the 9, but the 9 is much bigger and has ability to run through grass better, larger ties etc.. This thing bounces a bit in the heavy St. Augustine grass. If your primary use was on St. Augustine grass, I would look to a larger vehicle. Thinner, lighter grass should not be a problem for this.Pavement Driving: The tires are pretty sticky, it will slide around when you need it too. The torque is just insane in high mode (low mode its just right).. It will pull wheelies and seems a little unstable on high mode.(probably more related to user ability) But this thing flat out flies. I don't know how fast it goes, but seemsfaster than the Bezgar 9.Overall - if you can get this for a decent price, it a nice RC. There are spare parts. I beat it up pretty good and only had a shock pop off, which is better than busting. It is too much for a young kid and not perfect in grass, but rips on pavement, has a solid motor and overall its a fun little machine.

Seals Need Improvement

Overall a good package but water got into the hull.

Better than any toy store RC Truck

 Year ago I raced RC Stadium trucks. I'm very familiar with racing level RC's and the like. I used Losi, Associate, and Traxxas electric and gas off roaders. I have still have a soft spot for all things RC. So I am super happy I picked up this BEZGAR 1:16 Scale 4X4 Off-Roader.This is not like the RC trucks you get from a toy store or Radioshack (do they still exist?). This is another level. Maybe not race kit level, but it's a lot less expensive than those too. But it's a serious RC truck that's much better than the basics. It's still kid appropriate and is ready to run (meaning just charge up and add controller batteries).Back in my day we built the trucks from kits. Those were the days... But this does make it easy and it seems completely reasonable that you could tear down and replace parts on this Bezgar truck. Not sure if you can get parts, luckily I haven't needed any yet.That's because the truck is built well. Nice a sturdy. Even the lezan body seems good quality, plus a nice paint job. Although I'd like a clear one to paint as my own. Again, need to see if that's something I can buy extra.Anyway, this truck is all as advertised. Waterproof (within reason, submerge anything like this and you could be asking for trouble), hobby grade, 4x4, fast, nice remote (with a 3rd channel for lights), lighted bumpers, 2 batteries, charger, tools, etc. All very nice and made me happy as I unpacked the box.I took it out on a limestone track and it thrashed! Fast and flung stone everywhere. Fun! 4x4 works as it should for good traction.The pistol style controller was nice and responsive. Truck has reverse as well.All the stock stuff is nice, looks great, and works good, electronic speed controller (ESC) brushed motor, rubber tires, clean wiring, good internal organization, body clips down nice and tight, shocks work as they should, etc. Even has a wheelie bar.I really am impressed and couldn't be happier with this little truck. Good for kids and adults. Being a 10 scale, it's a bit smaller than what I'm used to and may not tackle higher grass as well. But for dirt or flat surfaces, it'll rock.

Very delighted with this RC Car.

Super fast car, easy to use, very good battery, excellent RC car to give away.

Used product, rusted even

Premium Boat RC; Easy to drive, total package

This boat RC is one of the more premium builds in this price range. I think at $100, this would be a five Star package. One thing that sets this boat apart from the sub $100 boats is that this has a double seal of protection. You have the outer shell that locks in, as well as the under-hull door. Be sure to place the battery in the battery tray because water could potentially enter through the in and out water ports. The tubes are seated, but not clamped down so they could over time come loose. Be sure to check the inner cooling tubes and make sure they are seated securely before putting the boat in the water each time. The controller takes x3 AA batteries, so make sure you grab some of those. A nice to have, you get x2 chargers, one for each battery. You will need to have your own USB charging brick though. As for the driving characteristics, this boat has some fun speed, but don't expect it to be as fast as the bigger RC speed boats, but it's enough to put a smile on your face. If you can get this on sale for $100 or less, I would recommend it for sure.

Good value for money

Very awesome

?I found this cool drone for you! It's the perfect gadget for capturing awesome aerial shots. The drone is lightweight, easy to control, and has a built-in camera that takes high-quality photos and videos. It also has a decent flight time and a stable hover feature. With its advanced features and affordable price, this drone is a great choice for beginners and hobbyists. ??

Me agrado la calidad y peso del producto

Amazing value and support

Amazing value. I had an issue with my drone and the manufacturer promptly sent me a replacement! So great after sales support as well.It has held up amazing after a few crashes too, and the package includes useful prop guards.

Fast. Fun. Furious

 The Remote Control Truck by Bezgar is fast and furious on or off-road. It is comparable to gas-powered RC cars in both speed and maneuverability. Playing with the truck and jumping it into the field near my house is a blast. Adult-tested, adult kid-approved.

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