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Free Shipping on orders over $88. Shop Now🎉

Smart RC Robot Toy

Where endless fun and learning come together

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Programming Mode

Combining Up to 50 Actions in One Program

Dancing & Singing

  • Master 3 Sorts of Dances
  • Dance with Kids happily

Eco-friendly ABS Material

  • Designed with Smooth Edges.
  • Durable & Safe for Using.

Eyes with 24 LED Lights

Showcasing A Wide Range of Emotions And Moods

Unleash your child's imagination with our RC robots

Where endless fun and learning come together

Smart Robot with Programming Mode

Able to program max 50 actions of any combination and foster kids' innovation and curiosity.

Programming Mode

Simply press the "Program" button to enter programming mode

Max 50 Actions

Combining up to 50 actions in one program

18 Action Types

This robot toy equipped with 18 action types to choose from

Flexible Arm Joints

With flexible arm joints, our product enables extensive arm movements, allowing it to perform a wide variety of impressive actions.

Cool Lighting Effects

Both arms of the robot are equipped with LEDS, creating a beautiful lighting effect, especially during nighttime, adding an extra touch of coolness.

Launching & Combating

Battling Games with Your Kids. Feel the Joy of Gaming.

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Unleash joy, Create Treasured Memories

Choose the TR300 Smart Robot for kids and witness the magic of playtime come alive. 

Larger Size Robot

Increase More Playable Functions. A Good Playmate for Kids.

"Walking" & "Sliding" Mode

The robot's sliding and walking design provides flexible motion combinations.

Smart Remote Control

5M remote distance. Effortlessly command the robot from a distance

60+mins Playing Time

Built-in 3.7V 600mAh rechargeable battery. Can be charged directly from a laptop

TR300 Smart RC Robot for Kids is More Than Just A Toy

Let the TR300 be your child's trusted playmate, inspiring imagination and providing hours of entertainment.

What's in the box?

  • TR300 Smart Robot × 1
  • Remote Controller × 1
  • Suction-cup missiles × 5
  • USB Charging Cable × 1
  • User Manual × 1

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