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Free Shipping on orders over $88. Shop Now🎉
Free Shipping on orders over $88. Shop Now🎉
BEZGAR offers a wide range of hobby-grade and toy-grade RC cars

How Bezgar Starts its RC World?

BEZGAR offers a wide range of hobby-grade and toy-grade remote control cars such as RC buggies, RC crawlers, and monster trucks. In the past four years, we have concentrated on researching and developing high-speed RC cars, providing more options and upgrade room for RC hobbyists. Besides, we are devoted to enabling people of all ages at any skill level to get an easy start with our ready-to-run RC cars. That's what Bezgar can serve our customers.

What does Bezgar Mean to us?

Bezgar RC car could be inspirational, for we leave room for customers to upgrade. Bezgar RC car could be innovative, for we continuously update the new products to our customers. Do you get ready for the ultimate RC experience from BEZGAR? We will definitely change the way you think about fun! Let's enjoy the sheer control pleasure with our RC vehicles.

Why do Customers Choose Bezgar?

Based on our customer report, most people choose Bezgar products as their first RC car. The reason why our RC cars are favored by our customers is that those remote control cars are easy-to-operate, ready to run right out of the box, and handy to upgrade. More than that, our speedy and responsive customer service team won't let you down. 

30-Days Free Return 

Ensure a Worry-free Purchasing 

Competitive Price

Price Direct to Consumer & Affordable 

Top-notch Support 

Speedy & Professional Customer Service 

You can acquire the professional support and comprehensive warranty program direct from our support team, which ensures you a pleasant and reassuring shopping experience. Besides, our aim is to build branding trust with our customers and hear their voices, which is the unceasing fuel for BEZGAR to move forwards and go farther. 

What is Our Missions ?

BEZGAR firmly believes that we are adhering to providing more valuable products to create unlimited fun for our consumers. All the customers can enjoy the sheer control pleasure with our RC cars to share happiness with their families or friends. 

We're aiming to provide more valuable products, keep innovation and move farther in the RC field. So, we have a wider product range, including all kinds of hobby-grade and toy-grade remote-control cars.

Whether you are a teenager or a father or at a different stage in your life, Bezgar RC cars will take part in your happy family time, accompany you and create loving memories. 

The benefits of our customers are always a top priority for us, so we hope you will enjoy our products as much as we enjoy making them available to you.

Bezgar is Spreading to the Globe

Our largest market is based in the United States, where Bezgar first entered into the RC market. And then our market spreads to Canada, the United Kingdom, Europe, and Japan. Although not all the markets sell the full product range as in the United States, we will continuously update the on-sales products for other regions in the world. Stay Tuned!

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