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1/16 Scale Brushless RC Car

How to Enhance Your RC Car Experience with Optional Accessories

Whether you're a seasoned RC hobbyist or a novice just diving into the miniaturized world of RC cars, it's always exciting to think about how you can make each race more thrilling than the last.

And sure, you can upgrade to a new model, change the engine here and there, and aim for better control, faster speeds, and further range, but the truth is RC cars these days have so much more to offer.

When you look into the world of optional extras and accessories, you'll quickly see that the RC car experience can be like nothing you've ever seen before.

Welcome to our comprehensive guide, where we'll delve into the fun, eye-opening world of RC accessories, empowering you with knowledge about which RC accessories can genuinely enhance your RC car experience.

Let's get right into it.

Source - Alt: A Toyota-themed RC truck traversing a leafy forest floor

Why RC Accessories?

So, why focus on optimal, non-essential accessories?

While there are plenty of RC cars that are amazing out of the box, like the brand new 2024 Bezgar HP141 and HP141S, the truth is that you can always make things better, and the broad range of RC accessories can do just that.

To start, RC accessories are the secret sauce to customizing your RC car beyond the base model.

Just like their full-sized counterparts, RC cars can be equipped, tuned, or modified with different accessories to enhance their functionality. With the right accessories, your car's speed, handling, or even aesthetic appeal could be significantly improved.

While batteries and chargers can extend your playtime, tires, and wheels tailored to your terrains – from slippery roads to craggy rocks – can optimize wheel grip and car maneuverability.

Upgraded motors and engines amplify speed and power; suspension upgrades can improve the car's ability to handle rough off-road conditions while providing stability.

Lastly, there are accessories focused on aesthetics, like custom shells, decals, and LED light kits for night fun.

In the following sections, we'll delve deeper into these accessories and more, discussing how each accessory comes into play in upgrading your RC car experience.

Must-have RC Car Accessories

Batteries and Chargers

By far one of the biggest obstacles to a preferred RC experience is how long the battery life lasts. Sure, RC batteries have come a long way over the years, but they're always going to be restricted by their physical size and won't last for long.

That said, there are plenty of premium-quality RC batteries that can completely transform your experience, giving you the juice you need to go the extra mile, quite literally.

  • Impact on performance: A higher mAh (milliampere-hour) battery means longer run times, while a higher voltage ups the speed and general performance.
  • Key considerations:
    • Match battery types (LiPo, NiMH) to your car's requirements.
    • Consider fast chargers with balance functions to get your car back in action swiftly and safely.

Tires and Wheels

All-terrain mastery comes down to your choice of tires and wheels, making them indispensable among RC accessories. The better suited your RC wheels are to the terrain you're driving and racing on, the better speed, control, and overall experience you'll have.

  • Importance in adapting to different terrains: Racing on asphalt demands different tires from those best for dirt or sandy surfaces.
  • Choosing the right set:
    • Select tires based on terrain type (slicks for smooth surfaces, knobbly for off-road).

    • Ensure wheels fit the car's model and have the correct offset for your intended use.

Oh, and don’t worry about this so much if you’re opting for the Bezgar HP141 or HP141s. Each car comes with paddle tires straight out of the box (as well as about a dozen other accessories and upgrades), meaning you can immediately tackle so many different kinds of terrain without having to invest in these extras!

We’ve got your back!

Motors and Engines

The heart of any RC car is its motor or engine, and this component is a pivotal selection for tailor-fit performance. If you have the need for speed and you're not sure how to get it, looking at your motor-engine setup is your best bet.

  • Tuning Your Car for Better Performance: Motor types and configurations define acceleration, top speed, and torque.
  • Differences between brushed and brushless motors:
    • Brushed motors are cost-effective and easy to maintain but often less powerful.

    • Brushless motors offer higher efficiency, power, and longevity but at a steeper price point.

Shocks and Suspension Upgrades

Refined control and handling are the result of well-chosen shocks and suspension components.

  • Improving Car Stability: Proper suspension keeps tires in contact with the ground through rough terrain, stabilizing the car.
  • Types and uses:
    • Choose oil-filled shocks for adjustability and handling performance.

    • Understand suspension linkage types for tuning ride height and chassis roll.

Every component mentioned bolsters an aspect of car performance or durability. By selecting the right RC accessories based on these details, you create a custom driving experience that suits your style and your challenges.


Source - Alt: A man using an orange and black power tool to upgrade his RC car

Okay, the accessories above are not necessarily optional extras but more upgrades to your stock RC model. So, what about the actual optional extras? What about the accessories that change the way you drive forever?

What about those mods that unlock the doors to an entirely new way of driving and using your RC car? Well, let's dive into that.

LED Light Kits

For night races or for a stand-out look, LED light kits add visibility for you and a dose of "cool" for onlookers.

  • LED lights brighten up dark tracks, allowing for extended playtime.
  • Enjoy a more visually pleasing and realistic driving experience.

RC Car Cameras

Capture the thrill from your RC car's perspective with an attached camera. If you're looking to film some action shots, make your own movie, start your own stream or YouTube channel, or just have some fun, an HD camera is the best way to go about it.

  • Immerse yourself in the race, seeing precisely what your car 'sees.'
  • Feeling adventurous? Hit record and relive the action later or share it.

Custom Shells and Decals

Let your RC car reflect your personality with custom shells and decals.

  • Explore different body shells for a themed appearance—sports, vintage, sci-fi, and more.
  • Add decals for a truly one-of-a-kind look.

Sound Systems

Realism is in the details. Sound systems elevate your RC experience to a new level of authenticity. Or, you know, play your favorite rock and roll playlist.

  • Engines revving, tire squeals, and even horn sounds—it's the tiny details that feed the illusion.

These fun, unique extras amplify your RC car experience, increasing enjoyment and playtime. Let's take a recap of what we've learned and how you can implement these ideas.


RC accessories play a vital role in enriching your RC car experience, impacting everything from performance to aesthetics. Selecting the right batteries, chargers, wheels, motors, and suspensions can unlock your RC car's potential.

For those seeking more fun and uniqueness, LED kits, RC car cameras, custom shells, decals, and sound systems can take your RC adventure to a whole new dimension.

Armed with a newfound understanding of the value and versatility these accessories offer, now is the perfect time to fine-tune your RC experience.

Bezgar offers a fantastic selection of top-quality, innovative RC accessories designed to enhance your RC journey.

Ready to elevate your RC runs?

Dive in today and revel in the game-changing benefits of RC accessories!

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