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Bye Toy Cars, RC Cars Are In - The Top Gift for Kids & Adults

Birthday. Christmas. Valentine's Day. anniversary. new year. Wedding Gifts. Gifts Just because there are so many times a year when shopping for gifts for your loved ones, it's easy to run out of engaging and creative ideas.

However, when socks, chocolates, and video games no longer hit the spot, it's time to rev your engines for something far more exciting and high energy.

Never before has it been so easy to find a gift that both adults and kids alike can get along with, all while opening the door to a gift that keeps on giving, year after year. No more letting unwanted gifts get boring to then gather dust on a high shelf.

Rc cars make great gifts,offering a range of benefits that toy cars and other simple gifts simply can't match. 

In this article, we'll take a look at the top reasons why you should consider giving an RC car as a gift.

The Benefits of RC Cars for Kids

One of the main benefits of giving a child an RC car is that it helps them develop their control and sense of direction skills.

Learning to control an RC car requi res a lot of skill and coordination,which can help improve a child's hand-eye coordination and spatial imagination.

What's more, RC cars can be customized and painted, which helps children to develop their creativity and fine motor skills.

This is why we RC cars as gifts.

Every year you can build on the hobby, either buying that new favorite part they wanted, a new paint, new stickers, or other accessories to help them build their dream ride.

Plus, since RC cars require time outdoors, they can help children to break away from electronic devices and enjoy the great outdoors. This promotes a healthier lifestyle while developing a new hobby and allows them to bond with their dads or loved ones.

It even goes further since many RC communities host meetups for everyone to show up and show off their cars or even race or compete in stunt competitions, sometimes for some very real prize money.

How exciting!

The Benefits of RC Cars for Adults

While many believe RC cars are just for kids, modern technology and the state of the industry says otherwise.

Just take the Bezgar HP161S RC truck as an example.

waterproof rc cars

This is not a car for the faint-hearted; capable of reaching speeds of up to 72 km per hour, the brushless 2845 motor and high-capacity battery that allows for rapid acceleration and over 20 minutes of solid driving cannot be ignored.

Its extreme speed and durability make this car the perfect toy for adults who love to bash and race their trucks.

The HP161S can be taken on camping trips and other excursions, as it can play on all terrains, such as beaches, little puddles, riversides, snowfields, deserts, and gravel.

Whether your loved one is driving alone, within the community, or you're treating the man in your life to an RC car for them to bond with your child over, this is a great activity the whole family can enjoy.

Same as above, spending time outdoors with an RC truck encourages a healthier lifestyle, making it the perfect gift for those who need to get away from their desk and computer screens. The physical activity involved in controlling an RC truck can also positively impact an adult's mental health.

How to Pick the Best RC Car as a Gift

Ready to make a loved one happy? Here’s how to choose the best RC car as a gift for someone, even if you know nothing about RC trucks!

First and foremost, consider the age and experience level of the person you're buying for. 

If they're a beginner, you'll want to look for an RC car that’s easy to control and has simple features. If they're an experienced hobbyist, they’ll be looking for something with advanced features like suspension tuning, multiple speed settings, and precise controls.

Next, consider the type of RC car that would best suit their interests. 

Do they enjoy racing? 

Look for a high-speed model with good handling and maneuverability.

Looking to enjoy off-road adventures? 

Consider a model with sturdy, off-road tires and a powerful motor that can handle rough terrain. 

All about the stunts? 

A car with a lightweight, aerodynamic design and responsive controls can provide the perfect platform for flips, jumps, and other impressive tricks.

When choosing an RC car, it's also important to consider the build quality and durability. 

Look for cars with sturdy, well-built frames and components that can withstand rough play and crashes. You'll also want to consider the availability of replacement parts and the ease of maintenance, as these factors can impact the longevity of the car.

Don’t forget to read the reviews of each car to ensure it’s a winner!


There's no doubt about it - RC cars are the perfect gift choice for both kids and adults. 

With a range of benefits for both groups, it's no surprise that RC cars have become more popular than ever before. 

Here at Bezgar, we live and breathe RC cars, and we've made it our passion to deliver the highest quality cars for the best prices. 

Offering a fantastic range of high-speed cars, stunt trucks, kid-friendly and beginner cars, accessories, parts, and so much more, it doesn't matter what you're after or what kind of driving experience you want; we've got the cars for you.

Check out our Rc Cars online store now to see what deals are on, or follow us on Instagram for the latest deals and freebies!

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