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New Year Wishes from Bezgar: The Best Remote Control Cars and Trucks

New Year Wishes from Bezgar: The Best Remote Control Cars and Trucks

Happy New Year!

We at Bezgar would like to wish all of our customers and fans a happy and prosperous New Year. It's been a fantastic year, but with the holidays wrapping up, our stomachs full, and the New Year approaching, it's time to focus on what's coming up next.

Here at Bezgar, we've decided that this year is all about reconnecting with the things in life we love, whether that's your hobbies, your favorite things, or the people you love to spend time with, like your friends and family!

After all, it should be like that every year, but we know how life can twist and turn without us even realizing it. 

2019 anyone?

To get back to what we love and to lay out the start of our year, we're here to share all the exciting things we have on offer.

Here's a breakdown of how Bezgar is kicking off 2023!

The Limited Edition Seasonal Snow Adventure: The HP161S

First things first, we've been buzzing to share with you more information on the latest and greatest RC truck to join our collection, the coveted HP161S.

This beautiful 1/16th scale model is a 4WD off-road monster, capable of reaching jaw-dropping speeds of up to 62 km per hour, controlled with a dual throttle control, full oil-filled metal shocks for covering any kind of terrain, and a battery that will blow you away.

We've been playing with this model all winter, and it's incredible to see just how all the Bezgar fans have been loving the experience.

The HP161S is great for all kinds of adventures, regardless of your skill set or age! Whether you're off-roading in the snow, dirt, mud, pavement, or just about any other kind of terrain around you - this vehicle does it all.

The TB141 is Coming to Town

Christmas may be over, but that doesn't mean we can't still give to those we love.

Here at Bezgar, we're big fans of introducing kids to the world of RC cars from a young age. 

We live RC cars, so we know just how rewarding it can be to see adults and kids getting along and bonding over a hobby that's not just sitting in front of the TV or doing nothing.

Instead, it's a fast-paced, skillful hobby and needs time investment to get good and have fun!

But, of course, many of our larger RC cars are just not suitable for kids with their high speeds and complicated components, which is where the TB141 comes into play.

Clocking in at under $30, this 1:14 scale car is great for kids, with an excellent low speed (although still a very rewarding max of 20 km per hour) and simple setup, as well as all the usual Bezgar features like 2.4GHz frequency control, independent suspension technology, and metal shocks.

It's available to order now and makes the perfect gift for any RC car-loving kid getting into RC car racing for the first time or an adult looking for a great car to start with!

And, if you're a parent looking to bond with your kids through your passion for RC cars, this is the perfect model for taking that first step.

Bezgar: Bringing the Family Together

Here at Bezgar, we've made it our mission to create the best remote control car and truck experiences for everyone. Whether that's with models like the HP161S or TB141 or simply with creating a culture of RC racing and driving events around your area - we'll do our best!

So, take a step forward into the New Year with your family and us, and get ready for 365 days of fun adventures, thrilling rides, and the birth of a beautiful new relationship with your passions and those you love.

We look forward to the New Year, and we can't wait to see you all out on the track!

Happy New Year from Bezgar.

Team Bezgar. over and Out! 🚀👋🏼


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