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Review: Bezgar 1 Remote Control 4WD Truck (1:10) (2019, 2020, 2021 Models Compared) - BEZGAR

Review: Bezgar 1 Remote Control 4WD Truck (1:10) (2019, 2020, 2021 Models Compared)

Affordable, Quality RC Truck

I had owned several, hobbyist-level, remote control cars over the years — the kind where you can literally take apart each component, upgrade parts, and tweak your vehicles to your liking. They generally cost several $100’s. There are also less expensive ones that I allow my children to play and practice the controls with.

This particular Bezgar 1 (and the 2021 model: HM101) is a good, introductory vehicle into the hobbyist world of RC cars with excellent, all-terrain, waterproof performance. My best friend’s daughter had fun playing with it on a September camping trip going over rocks and sand, and I went ahead and gifted it to her. My brother had also asked where he could get one himself, and when I sent him the link, there was something odd: the very same car had received an UPGRADE since my purchase in March 2020! I asked him to let me check out his RC once he got it so my review could be updated with what has changed.

This review will be based on the original version with highlights of what has changed.

What’s Good? What’s Bad?


  • Update 8/30/2021: My friend got the 2021 model (HM101), and when I compared his and mine, I found some differences:
    • Rear axle is slightly larger and wider. That should give it better stability
    • Front swing arm’s ball head is a tad bigger and SHOULD protect against impacts better
    • His steering gear is 3 wires instead of five on mine. I do not know if that makes any performance difference
    • 2021 model has a more powerful 550 motor (my 2020 version has a 490)
    • His package came with an extra PVC body (green), though we both prefer the original yellow color scheme
    • Externally, both models look exactly the same
  • Relatively large size at 1:12 scale (New 2020 version is even bigger at 1:10)
    • Looks VERY cool at such a large size
  • Incredibly value priced for amateur-targeted RC trucks
    • Compared to other 1:12 scale RC trucks, the $117 price at the time of writing was fairly priced
    • The newer version is an even better deal as it’s slightly larger at 1:10 for the same cost
  • Replaceable parts
  • Oil-filled, metal shocks for a VERY hobbyist-like, smooth ride (Part #T2100)
    • Extras included (but not oil filled)
  • New version brought metal upgrades to the drive gears and shafts (Part #T2111/T2115 and #T2112/T2113/T2115)
    • Feels more hefty and solid than the original
    • Brings extra durability and increased performance
      • Original version’s plastic parts could slightly warp or crack over time
    • Adds a more satisfying sound when accelerating
  • VERY high speed (25-28 mph) and goes over most terrain, although it loses a considerable amount of speed and power off pavement
    • 4WD and threaded tires (Part #T2120L and #T2120R) allow it to go on practically any terrain, including wet ones
      • Tires (in conjunction with the oil-filled shocks) have excellent shock absorption (see video)
      • Makes it fun to drive over ramps for some insane stunts
  • Waterproofing allows you to play in a small puddle of water (and heavy rain) without worries
    • IPX5 rating allows the truck to “resist a sustained, low-pressure water jet spray”
  • Functional LED headlights
  • Simple paint job that looks decently good
  • Smooth control in relation to steering and power
  • Charger with 2 rechargeable 1,500 mAh (new version includes 1,600 mAh @ 7.4V) Li-Polymer batteries included that allows for almost an hour of play
    • Bring a portable battery station to charge your spare batteries with via USB (takes about 4 hours, depending on USB power level) while you play with the other one
    • Buy extra 1,600 mAh (Part #T2119) Li-Polymer batteries for longer play time
    • Charger can juice up both batteries at the same time
  • Remote control signal goes quite far (up to 260′, according to the manufacturer)
    • It uses the 2.4 GHz radio frequency, which allows for larger distances over the 5 GHz ones
      • 2 AA batteries included for the remote
    • Speed limiter to adjust for the skill level of the operator
      • Allows the RC to drive slow enough for a kid to practice steering without the car disappearing or crashing into obstacles
  • Came fully assembled


  • Plastic parts of the original were not as good as the metal chassis/brushless motor, higher-end ones that go for $300+
    • Newer version closed that gap with its upgraded, metal gears and shafts
  • High speed can be difficult for many to control
    • Keep in mind that there is a throttle limiter available on the remote to help slow down the truck for easier control
  • Learning curve for amateurs not familiar with hobby-grade RC transmitters


Final Thoughts

For children over 8 years old, this remote controlled car is a FUN truck to drive. It is made of quality components, has a long battery life with a rapid charger, and bounces with 4WD over all sorts of terrain and speed ramps. It proved to have been a hit with children at a camping trip a few months ago while it left my best friend’s RC in the dust… literally! To my best friend: Sorry, buddy, but I couldn’t help rub that into your face again! Get yourself a better car :-)

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Source: By Michael Yuen

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