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What are the Limits of the HP161S Remote Control Car?

What are the Limits of the HP161S Remote Control Car?

Here at Bezgar, we've been harping on about the HP161S RC car for a few months now. Ever since its release, we've been blown away by its reception, the love from the fans, and just how capable this little car has been proving itself to be through all weather, terrains, and conditions. 

But this has raised a very important question we'd like to address. 

What are the limits of HP161S?

We're about to find out. This little racer is packing some serious horsepower under the hood. But can it handle the track? We'll be putting it to the test today. 

Stay tuned for some high-octane action.

What is the HP161S?

The HP161S Remote Control Car can best be described as a mix of the nostalgia of a classic toy car with the modern sophistication of robotics. It's also one of the best and most powerful RC cars we've ever put out.

This electric-powered RC vehicle is perfect for those who like to take the fun of driving off the beaten path and onto a new adventure. Capable of reaching jaw-dropping speeds of up to 62 km per hour, the 2845 brushless motor just goes above and beyond the call of duty and thoroughly impresses anyone witnessing it.

The car comes with an easy-to-use remote controller, making it suitable for both beginners and professionals alike and for maintaining control while flying around at such high speeds.

Whether you want to recreate scaled-down racing conditions or simply explore your backyard in a new way, the HP161S Remote Control Car is sure to provide entertainment for drivers of all ages and levels.

What are the best bits of the HP161S remote control car?

The HP161S remote control car is an excellent option for those seeking an action-packed experience. 

With its impressive speed and power, it can literally fly across the room at lightning speeds – perfect for outrunning chasing cats or other supposed enemies! Not to mention, this car's sleek and retro design is bound to make you stand out in the crowd; it's unmistakably stylish and will be sure to turn heads. 

Best of all, its easy controls and relative affordability make it ideal for drivers of any age or skill level, making it the perfect idea for families who want something they can enjoy together in no time. 

All in all, the HP161S remote control car might just be one of the best options on the market.

What are the limits of the HP161S remote control car?

Okay, okay. Enough bigging up the HP161S. Let's get into what you came for, the limits of the HP161S.

The HP161S remote control car is truly a one-of-a-kind wonder, if we may say so ourselves. It's probably one of the few cars capable of running with no limits whatsoever: it doesn't matter if you're dealing with tricky terrain, obstacles, or even pesky puddles – this car knows no bounds. 

Downside-wise though, you're only really held back by the same issues as a typical RC car, which is the range of the wireless controller and the battery life. 

The range is average, measuring up to a couple of hundred feet, which is usually more than enough for most RC car drivers. You could always mod the parts if you needed some more extreme ranges for whatever reason.

Battery life-wise, we're always limited on size and weight. While essential, big batteries are heavy, and they weigh the car down and prevent it from hitting high speeds, doing tricks, and so on.

We have managed to cram in around 20 minutes of battery life per charge into this car, which is still more than the average RC car. Take another battery with you when you race and swap charge them (charge one and ride one and then swap them over), and you can keep going for longer.

However, these are really the only downsides of the HP161S. Everything else is designed for perfection, which is what we'll cover now.

What features does the HP161S remote control have?


The HP161S remote control is truly a dream come true for techies everywhere! Not only does it offer impressive speeds of up to 62 km per hour, but it also has a powerful transmitter and, hold on.

Probably best if we just breeze through these.

With the HP161S, you'll have access to the following;

  • Impressive 62 km per hour speeds
  • A battery life of over 20 minutes
  • A fully waterproof metal servo body
  • A full metal drive train for traversing and navigating any kind of terrain
  • A powerful 2.4GHz transmitter reaching several hundred feet
  • 45A independent brushless motors for the most rapid burst speeds
  • Bright LED front lights for driving at night
  • All-terrain, durable rubber tires
  • Reinforced drive chassis for extra durability
  • Four oiled metal shock absorbers for the highest degree of suspension

And if that wasn't impressive enough, the HP161S remote control also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee! It's no wonder why this top-of-the-line remote is flying off shelves at an alarming rate - who wouldn't want to take advantage of its multitude of features?

Try out the brand-new HP161S remote control car for yourself today!

Ready to experience the thrill of remote control cars like never before? Then the HP161S is your perfect match! Take on your friends and family in a friendly race, avoid obstacles, and experiment with new tricks while you learn how to handle this cutting-edge car. 

With the HP161S, you'll be able to go where no other car has gone before. So go ahead and try it out for yourself today! You won't regret it!


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