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Enjoy up to 40% off this Christmas! Shop Sale Now!
Enjoy up to 40% off this Christmas! Shop Sale Now!

BD901 3-Axis GPS Foldable Drone with 4K EIS Camera


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Current price $299.99
  • Outstanding Stability - Equipped with a 3-axis gimbal and EIS technology, the 4K camera ensures steady and clear footage
  • Expansive Field of View - With a 120° ultra-wide-angle lens paired with a 4K UHD camera, it provides a broader shooting perspective
  • Ultimate Connectivity - 5G WiFi video transmission of up to 9850 feet enables real-time streaming of high-definition visuals
  • Multiple Flight Modes - With built-in GPS, features like Follow Me mode, Point of Interest mode, Tap Fly, etc.
  • Easy Operation - One-key takeoff/landing, one-key return, and intelligent remote control alert functions

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BD901 is an outstanding foldable drone featuring a 3-axis Gimbal and a 4K UHD camera with EIS, making capturing remarkable aerial footage easy and providing an immersive and exciting drone-flying experience.


One-key Takeoff/Landing

Launch and land your BD901 drone with just a press for smooth and precise operations.


Follow me

When utilizing the follow me feature, the drone will track you automatically and record your motions with an aerial viewpoint.


Point of Interest

With this feature, the aircraft circles around the chosen focal point in a clockwise manner, capturing the footage from every angle.



The drone will fly to the specified target or the direction you tapped on the screen, and smoothly adjusts its flight path if you modify the track on the screen again.


Beginner Mode

BD901 is equipped with a beginner mode, allowing beginners to easily start the drone-flying


Optical Flow Positioning

Enables your drone to achieve accurate hands-free hovering, freeing you to fully concentrate on your creative shooting endeavors.


Powerful Brushless Motor

BD901 boasts a robust brushless motor which enhances performance and efficiency, allowing for high-speed adventures.


Smart Remote Controller Alarm Function

Ensure a safe drone flight with the remote control buzzer's alerts for low battery and weak/interfered signals. Your flight is always secure.


Modular Li-polymer Battery

Powered by a 7.7V 2950mAh battery, it offers a max flight time of 25 minutes.


RC Drone APP

Scan the QR Code to Download the APP


Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Zach olson
My first drone

First time drone flyer.
Was a little nervous about flying a drone for the first time because I knew nothing about them. I knew getting a "cheap kids toy" wasnt going to teach me much so I decided to try this one. If you want to learn to fly drones spend the money to buy this one before you spend the money on an advanced model. If you dont want to learn and advance to better drones...just buy the cheap toys they sell. If you are an experienced drone flyer who knows alot about drones, this drone is probably not for you. It is far from a professional drone.

I wanted a few things from my first drone. I wanted to fly high and far. I wanted to fly so far that I couldnt see the drone in eye sight and still be able to fly and come home without problems.

This drone has proved itself in that area. However I must tell you this...I got this drone to about 2500 ft away and the signal started to cut in and out even though there were no obstructions between me and the drone. Not a big deal since I am using this drone to learn. Also, when the drone was not "insight" of the controler I lost control. Whuch means going around hills in little canyons and such didnt work well.

Also, this drone will fly decent in light wind but the higher you go, the further you go...if the wind picks up you may have a problem.

I had a hard time bringing the drone home once the wind started blowing. It struggled and even blew backwards a few times but eventually I got it home.

I am happy I got this drone, It is very well built and a great drone to practice with. First time drone flyers, I encourage you to get it. It was a good purchase for me. If you really want to get into drone flying and dont have experience already, I suggest you buy this drone before you drop 2k on a professional model. This is a good drone to practice with and isnt one of those cheap toys you can get to fly around your house to chase your pets. You will get alot of satification out of this drone expecially when you fly high and far from where you are. Its fun.

Consider this drone the prerequset class before you take the advanced class. I recommend it.

One thing that doesnt impress me is the length of the batteries and how long it takes to charge them. They dont last long...especially if you are recording. Once the battery on the drone gets to 50% the drone is limited on hight and distance. Just something to think about. If you take this drone out to the middle of I do. Remember, to choose your flight time wisely because once the batteries are dead...your done. And 50% means you are limited on your flight too. There is no quick charge to these batteries either.

Great drone!

?This is my 3rd RC car and 2nd Bezgar brand. Trust me when I say this rc car is quality materials for a long lasting, durable toy. The controls are phenomenal and the speed is fast. I can drive on my suburban street full speed and through my front yard with no hesitation or issues driving. Trust me when I say, this is a must have for people that are ready to advance in their RC car inventory because of the parts and upgrade availability! Have fun and put the wheelie bars on!

Jody Girl FL
Best First-Time Drone Yet!!!

This well-equipped drone is a great - and maybe the best - done for learning to fly them. Yes, you can get far cheaper models than this - BEDGAR makes one for roughly $85.00 US. But they are essentially toys that have extremely limited flight time - often less than 5 minutes - and limited features. They are essentially similar to those old helicopters you could fly inside. (My brother used one to terrorize us girls in our family when we were growing up until he broke it against a wall.)

The BD901 is a foldable drone that is a mere 6"x4"x3" when stored and expands to a 14"x12"x3" quadcopter. And it is virtually filled with features that are not typically found in the entry-level drones:

-A nifty 3-axis gimbal 4K UHD camera with Electronic Image Stabilization for crystal clear video and stills

-GPS with a Return to Home on Signal Loss or Low Battery. No more "It just - flew away" episodes.

-TapFly feature that allows you to just tap on the screen to fly the drone to that point.

-Follow-Me which sets the drone to fly along with you. Great for filming action shots with you in them.( Be your own "Jackass" movie!)

-Point-of-Interest to point the drone to a flight path or point.

-One-Key return to home. Call it home to the point of takeoff, and CANCEL if you want to "land by stick".

-5G WiFi that works to a theoretical limit of 2 miles. (Note the word "theoretical". Remember that Yogi Berra said, "In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice there is".)

That all being said, this one really is a new generation from others in the past, with a theoretical - again, that word - flight time of 23 minutes and all of the cool cam and flight features. Note that this is a mere 3 lbs, and is going to be subject to higher wind speeds, so you need to stick to days with low wind speed and CAVU (Ceiling And Visibility Unlimited) conditions. Always remember Murphy's Law!

Before you buy in the US, you will need to check on State and Federal Laws. Due to many abuses in the past involving drones, there are FAA Federal regulations that have passed in 2023. As this drone is over .55 lbs you will need to:

-pay a $5 registration fee and pass the TRUST test before flying.

-unless you have a commercial license keep it below 400 feet and stay at least 5 miles away from airports.

US states also have other regulations that you can check at the UAVCOACH website.

Don't let this discourage you from buying this superior entry-level product. Especially if you want to pursue flying a drone commercially, or use it for photography. It is FAR better than the under $100 toys, and an excellent investment if you want to go further in the world of drones. Keeper!

Thomas DeSantis
Quality Drone.

Love the Quality of this drone!

GgreenAmazon Customer
Customer service was excellent.

It was packaged very well arrived on time, I had issues on how I was trying to set it up.

Customer Service has been great!

This drone is truly impressive, though it's important to note that it's not suitable for children. I encountered an initial issue, but the customer service team was swift and thorough in their assistance. Now, everything is working perfectly

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