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Free Shipping on orders over $88. Shop Now🎉

Bezgar HP161S - 1/16 Scale 3S Brushless RC Car (42 MPH)


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  • Equipped with a 3S 11.1V 25C modular battery, this RC truck can reach a maximum speed of 42 mph.
  • Boasting a 2845 4200kv brushless motor for increased torque and improved power-handling capabilities.
  • Four oil-filled metal shocks provide support to the wheels for tackling tough terrains.
  • A newly upgraded full-metal drivetrain guarantees more stable performance.
  • With a dual throttle speed option, RC hobbyists can choose the 100% average speed between the 70% slow speed
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High-Performance All-Terrain RC

Outstanding Speed. Outstanding Performance.

2845 Brushless Motor

Boost Larger Horsepower

42 MPH

Extreme Speed
Up to 42 MPH

3S Modular Battery

11.1V 25C
Modular Battery


More Collision Resistance 

reinforced truck chassis
2.4ghz transmitter
45a independent brushless esc
all terrain rubber tires
cyber pixel car shell
bright led front light
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2845 4200kv Brushless Motor with Cooling Fan and Fin

The powerful 2845 brushless motor and a 45A ESC, provides greater power to burst out at 42 mph demon speed.

Upgraded 2845 Brushless Motor

3S 11.1V 25C Fire-retardant Modular Battery

This 3S fire-retardant modular battery help to boost a higher speed and guarantee a stable acceleration in harsh bashing. 

3S Modular Battery
Upgraded Full-metal Drivetrain

Upgraded Full-metal Drivetrain and Metal Gear Differential

Upgraded to adjustable metal tie rods, metal drive shafts, premium wear-resistant gears and differentials, the car body structure is much more robust when encountering bumps and dropping.

Four Oil-filled Metal Shock Absorbers

These oil-filled shockers dampen the suspension and maintain control in rugged terrains, which allows you to explore in various terrains like rocks, sand or loose dirt.

Four Oil-filled Metal Shock Absorbers


HP161S Product dimensions

Available Accessories & Parts for HP161S

Enhance Your HP161S Experience with Quality Accessories & Parts!

11.1V 1050mAh 3S Modular LiPo Battery
11.1V 1050mAh 3S Modular LiPo Battery

11.1V 1050mAh 3S Modular LiPo Battery

Body Clips & Shell Pins(12PCS)
Body Clips & Shell Pins(12PCS)

Body Clips & Shell Pins(12PCS)

RC Car Body Shell with Shell Pins
RC Car Body Shell with Shell Pins
RC Car Body Shell with Shell Pins
RC Car Body Shell with Shell Pins
RC Car Body Shell with Shell Pins
RC Car Body Shell with Shell Pins
RC Car Body Shell with Shell Pins
RC Car Body Shell with Shell Pins

RC Car Body Shell with Shell Pins

Metal Gears Diff Assembly(16420)
Metal Gears Diff Assembly(16420)

Metal Gears Diff Assembly(16420)

Steering Assembly(16430S) for HP161/HP161S/HP163S
Steering Assembly(16430S) for HP161/HP161S/HP163S

Steering Assembly(16430S) for HP161/HP161S/HP163S


Customer Reviews

Based on 235 reviews
Crazy 3S speed, but still controllable!

This is a very good truck. The 2845 brushless motor, small size, and 3S battery combine to produce an incredible amount of speed and acceleration. It comes with a wheelie bar and boy do you need it! Without the wheelie bar it will do a back flip if you punch the trigger.Amazingly, despite it's small size and fast speed, it still has good control and handling. It drives straight and handles nicely. Handling is further enhanced with good quality oil-filled shocks.The build quality is very good, including:-Fan on the motor-Metal 4WD drivetrain-Two modular batteries that clips in securely-Heatsink on the ESC-Adjustable steering linkages-Honeycomb floor beneath the battery for heat dissipation.-3-wire servo with quick reaction timeIt also looks super cool. The shell design is modern but not out of control. The tires and rims look cool and the LED bumper headlight is super bright. The headlight can be turned on and off from the remote.The remote is pretty basic. It's a bit narrow and light, but it works fine. There are two speed settings: 70% and 100% power. I would have preferred a fully adjustable dial that could dial back the speed to the 25% range, because though this truck is small enough to drive indoors, at 70% power it's too much speed for the beginner.There are a ton of 1:16 and 1:14 RC trucks on Amazon now, but to my knowledge this is the only one running 3S. This truck will also run 2S no problem, and that would be a good option to have on hand for a younger driver. To run this thing on 3S you really need a lot of space and a driver with a decent amount of experience. It's a very tough truck that should take a lot of abuse, but a 30mph collision into a concrete curb on the street will cause some damage.Bezgar is a reputable company that sells a lot of RCs, so I would expect good customer service and decent parts availability if needed. I should mention that they also sell a brushed version of this truck, half the speed and half the price, both good options depending on your needs.Overall, an excellent truck that will run laps around anything in the sub $200 range.

Extremely fast and easy to control

Love this RC truck! The suspension is great and the size of the tires allows it to drive fantastic in the grass! It's great to have the option to upgrade the battery! Great buy for the money!

Best value RC truck

I'll come straight to the point...They are not the cheapest, but the combination of price with the quality of design and specification is unbeatable. The only bad news is that you cannot buy this one or some others, direct in the US and have to buy on, which adds to the cost due to tax and postage. This new truck has a different style body and a green-coloured brushless motor that is 4200Kv, instead of the 3800Kv. In theory this should allow more punch for acceleration and places less heat stress on the motor and esc, but I have no idea whether they have up-geared it to achieve the higher claimed top speed or not.The truck is constructed largely of an engineering plastic, which is perfect as this plastic grade is very elastic and reluctant to break. BEZGAR seem to have nailed the formula here, achieving good rigidity for sound handling, but great durability.In use everything just works well with no hitches and great design. The remote is a great one with no lag, good feel, lots of adjustability, including a power ****, so you can dial down power when inexperienced or handing to a child. The on-off switch is perfectly positioned at the side of the chassis, so can be accessed with the body on....just so convenient.The oil shocks are well-tuned and give the ride quality the feel of a much bigger truck, with minimal hopping or bouncing, controlled landings and smooth progress over uneven ground.The driveline parts are all-metal and seem incredibly durable. I have several BEZGAR trucks at this scale and nothing has broken or worn out. If anything does, parts can be sourced via Bezgar, BEZGAR or the large, Asian online market places.The provided wing and wheelie bar are easy to install and the lights come already installed.A couple of tips I would offer:Firstly, although the provided USB chargers work fine, if you are using LiPo batteries, you really should be able to do a proper, balanced storage charge when not using them for a while. They should not be left at too high or low voltage, as this presents a risk and can damage the batteries. Get a simple balance charger that will do storage charge. I also use a low voltage alarm and battery checker to keep an eye on voltage. You don't want to discharge a LiPo cell to 3V or below, so the cheap alarms available on Bezgar offer some reassurance and can be strapped down on the battery when running.Secondly, I spray the chassis and running gear with GT-85 PTFE spray. This provides a dirt and water repellent finish that does not attract dirt like oil-based products. The solvent flushes out dirt and dust from moving parts on application, then dries to a sheen to both lubricate and protect. After running, I use a dust blower and then apply the spray, wiping where necessary and the truck comes up like new.

Cool rc car

Nice little rc car, really quick out of the box and fun at night with the light bar. I had a little issue with the servo at the start where it wouldn't steer at all or very slightly. I contacted customer service and Stephanie helped out and sent a new servo for free under warranty. It's being shipped right now, hopefully that fixes the problem.

This car is FAST and FUN!!! Worth every cent

This car is LOADS of fun. It's FASTER than what I was expecting. Honestly, it's one of the fastest of my 15+ RCs. Keep in mind that you WILL need the wheelie bar that comes with the car. It's too fast to drive without it. It wheelies EASILY and frequently while driving and you'll start to get annoyed since it's flipping onnits back multiple times per minute. Having the wheelie bar allows you to max out the speed. I suggest that you install it BEFORE your first run. If not, you'll flip multiple times while scratching the car's back and top unless you have really good control of the speed. You also won't be able to exercise max acceleration.In addition to being fast, this car is very well-built. The parts appear to be of high-quality parts and strong. The has OIL-SHOCKS which is what you would expect in a premium car (most cars on Bezgar contain the cheaper friction shocks). It's even got a FAN on the motor along with a heatsink.So far I like everything about this car. It took quite the beating on my first outing and is still fine.I WILL add a video soon so you can see all I'm talking about. It ran really fast on 2S and I plan on testing on a 3S battery. I will update this later in a couple weeks when I add my video. Expect a video of at least 7 minutes which will include a couple minutes of actual driving.5 stars for now after my initial run which, unfortunately, wasn't recorded

Regina Phalange
Cool rc car

My son has been wanting one of these. It is a birthday gift I'm sure he will love. If there is any issue I will update my review.

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