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Free Shipping on orders over $88. Save 10% on orders over $100.

HQ051 Mini Drone for Kids and Beginners, RC Drone Indoor Small Quadcopter Plane Toy Drones for Kids


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  • Mini Drone Toy with Crazy Stunts: Perform eye-catching stunts like rotation and flips in 360-degree, which provides an exciting flying experience for kids. Press the three-speeds-level button on the 2.4Ghz non-interference remote, you could accelerate the hand drone to do the stunts with multiple players at the same time.
  • Fantastic Lighting Effect to Fly at Night: Toy drones for kids decorated with a bright LED strip inside, it adds splendor to the remote control drone when doing the stunts at night and indicates the directions for your operation. Moreover, two rechargeable batteries extend your flying time up to 16 minutes.
  • Beginner-friendly Drone with Easier Operation: The easy-to-use mini drone for kids can take off, land, or, return with a click of one button. The altitude-holding function suspends the kids' drones in the air ensuring a stable flight. The headless mode also avoids beginners from losing their flying direction.
  • Ultra Lightweight and Portable to Take Anywhere: This cheap drones for kids is ultra-light and weighs less than an egg. It is as small as an adult’s palm, whose size is 4.9*4.9*1 inches. It’s portable and compact to tuck into your pocket to take away and play with the drone toy anywhere.
  • Safety Propeller Design for Kids: The beginner drones' propellers are protected in a round circle, which is designed for kids’ safety concerns to avoid scratching the kids as well as protect the propellers from being collided. Besides, these are also cool gifts for teen boys.
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Headless Mode

This beginner-friendly mode prevents you from losing directions.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Ross Green
This thing is a blast!

I'll admit, this was my first drone purchase...but this had way more features than I expected. Maybe all drones in this price point have it but the 3-axis centering adjustment was key to having fun with this. It'd crash, which would throw it off a bit when I got it restarted but all that was needed was to use the correction buttons on the joystick to properly recalibrate its concept of what center/still was. The 3 speeds are also can start slow as you get your bearings and develop your skill, then ramp it up once you get more confidence. Another thing that was unexpected....two batteries! They seem to charge relatively quickly given the amount of time it takes to run them down, IMHO.This thing is VERY light so taking it outside in any sort of breeze will have you chasing it in seconds and trying your damnest to get it to land so you don't have to run so far, lol. That said, it's PERFECT for indoor flying. The prop guards are ever so slightly flexible and, despite having run into my walls plenty of times, I have yet to see it make any marks.NOTE: if you've purchased this, are reading this review, and wondering why it's blinking but won't start. I've found the drone is either 1) low on battery or 2) you just need to move the left joystick up then down (or is it down then up) to re-establish communication with it (you MAY need to turn the drone off then back on again)....or 3) you need to reset the drone by moving your left joystick to the lower-left and right joystick to the lower-right.All in all...a GREAT first drone experience. I can recommend this to others that are looking to get their toes in the water as well.

Hayden O'Kon
Short Battery Life But Fun!

My son has been asking for a drone for months now. A lot of the drones I found were pretty expensive and seemed fragile, which is not a good combination for a younger kid. I was pleased to find this one and see it was specifically intended to be child-friendly. So far so good! The battery life is quite limited because it takes so much power to keep the drone in the air, but it's so much fun. I especially like that the blades are protected so no one gets hurt and even crash landings don't break the toy. 5 stars!

Navami Chohan
Easy to use once we got it adjusted and it lights up, that's a plus

 If you are new to drones or want something inexpensive that the kids can play with this may be a good start. All of them will need some adjustment out of the box which involves pressing a button several times to balance out the direction it is trying to go on its own. Ours wanted to go forward instead of hover, so we had to press the button several times to make balance that out so that it would stay put. Some will want to lean left or right, each is different. But once you get it to stay still while in the air you will have the ability to do what you want.This one has green and blue lights to let you see it at night. It doesn't have a camera or anything like that, but that's expected at this price point. Green are the front and blue is the back. Others have red and white. This one also has guards around the blades which is great because while we were dialing it in we crashed it several times and never bent a blade. Others I have were shot after that because they didn't have back up blades or the metal shaft they stick on got bent. But ones like this are the way to go when you are new because it lets you crash it a few times without breaking it the first time.There are other ones available at this price point that are bigger and usually easier to control since they have more blade surface, but whatever you do, if you are new, make sure to get one with blade guards. This is a good starting point.

Titilayo Hanifat
Nice colors, easy to control, batteries last about 10m

 My kid enjoys the drone. It flies smoothly, easy to control and has nice colors. Batteries don’t last that long, about 10m, there is an extra battery. So with 2 batteries it will run for around 20m, fun but a bit short on the time.

Evert Hoppe
Small, colorful, powerful.

This is a nice little machine. Even though it seems small, it delivers a lot of power. It comes with 2 rechargeable batteries, charging cord and a remote with a very good range. It even includes the tool to open the battery compartment and an extra set of blades in case they get damaged. It is a lot of fun to operate at night thanks to all the colorful lights it displays. The remote has all the functions of a full size drone which allows full control of it like speed, right and left turns, forward, back and even a function to do little tricks like 180 degree turns!

Favian Collier
Fun Drone

Love the look of the drone when in flight. Beautiful green and blue lights surround the propellers. The controller uses three AAA batteries that are not included. The drone comes equipped with two rechargeable batteries. Each battery provides about ten minutes of flight. We have kept ours indoors and experienced several crashes into walls and other objects. Even with these mishaps, the drone still operates as new. For good measure, the manufacturer has thrown in an extra set of propeller blades. Charging the drone’s battery is straight forward. A red light on the charger indicates the charging is taking place. When the light goes out, the battery is charged and ready to go. The battery fits into a small space on the bottom of the drone protected by a sliding cover. The little ones have enjoyed watching this fun little drone sail through the air.