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Free Shipping on orders over $60. Shop Now🎉

Bezgar HM124 - 1/12 Brushless RC Truck, Speed 32 MPH


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  • Power up with a 2847 brushless electric motor for plenty of torque and better handling
  • Experience thrilling speeds of up to 32 MPH
  • All the wheels are backed up with four oil-filled metal shocks to conquer all terrains.
  • A newly upgraded full-metal drivetrain guarantees more stable performance
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2847 Brushless Motor

Larger Horsepower

7.4V 1600mAh

Safer LiPo Battery

Full-metal Drivetrain

Stable Performance

High Speed

About 32MPH

Extra Shell

Replacement Car Shell

1/12 Scale

13.0 x 9.6 x 5.7 inches

Experience High-performance Bezgar RC Trucks

Reinforced RC car structure and damping system ensure your high-speed racing experience

Hobby Grade 1:12 Scale Remote Control Truck

Experience the power of the type 2847 brushless motor

Delivering outstanding torque and increased power-handling capabilities. With a longer lifespan than brushed motors and 1/3 of the power consumption, it guarantees long-lasting performance and exceptional 

32 MPH

Maximum speed

Upgraded 2845 Brushless Motor
Four Oil-filled Metal Shock Absorbers

Four Oil-filled Metal Shock Absorbers

Featuring metal oil-filled shocks and high-toughness tires, this powerful car offers superior suspension damping, assuring control and reliability on any terrain, from beaches and rocks to minor puddles.

Extend the Playing Time to 60 mins with 3 Batteries

With three rechargeable 7.4V 1600mAh batteries, it offers an impressive 60 minutes of non-stop fun.

60mins Play Time

With 3pcs LiPo Batteries


Single Cell Capacity

60 mins Playing Time
HM124 Full-metal Drivetrain

Full-metal Drivetrain to Guarantee
a More Stable Performance

The upgraded full-metal drivetrain integrated into the RC vehicle body structure ensures smooth acceleration and enhanced durability against collisions and accidental drops.

Length13.0 in (330 mm)
Width9.6 in (245 mm)
Height5.7 in (145 mm)
Wheelbase 9.3 in (235 mm)
Scale1/12 Scale
Weight6.1 lb (2.8 kg)
Top Speed32 mph (52 km/h)
Range250 ft (76 m)
Battery7.4V 1600mAh LiPo Battery
Duration60 mins
USB CableInput: DC 5V 2A
Output: 7.4V 1.3A
Transmitter2.4 GHz
100% to 40% Throttle Mode (for beginners)
3 × AA Batteries (not included)

Spur GearMetal
DifferentialQTY: 2 Diffs
Type: Metal
ESC35A 2-in-1 ESC
Input Voltage: 2S Li-ion
MotorMotor Type: 2847 3800kv Brushless Motor with Heatsink
Gear Type: Metal
ServoServo Type: 3-wire Servo
Weight: 25 g
Torque: 34.7 oz-in (2.5 kg-cm)
Pinion Type: Plastic
Shock TypeAdjustable Metal Oil-Filled Shock Absorber
ChassisStrong Composite
  • HM124 RC car x 1
  • 2.4Ghz transmitter x 1
  • Extra car shell x 1
  • Explosive-proof battery bag x 1
  • Screwdriver x 1
  • Wrench x 1
  • USB charging cable x 1
  • 7.4V 1600mAh LiPo battery x 1
  • Spare body clips x 4
  • User manual x 1

Customer Reviews

Based on 208 reviews
Camila Schulist
The best RC buggy / truggy under $200

Before anyone assumes i posted a review under the wrong post, let me first mention that this is in fact the 1/12 scale Bezgar HM124 (same as the HBX 901a) with a different buggy style body I modified to fit onto this chassis.Overview : Let me first start by saying this RC car is really incredible with excellent build quality, speed, handling, and performance for under $200. The brushless motor and ecu are very precise and calibrated well with the throttle positioning on the transmitter, and as others have described you can easily dial down the speed for younger / less experienced drivers. The steering servo is decent with enough power to turn the wheels full lock, but unfortunately the servo horn is multi proposed as the servo saver as well which can cause the steering to feel spongy at times, very minor issue and easily upgradable if desired. My RC car came with (3) 7.4v lithium - "ion" batteries which provide approx 20 mins of solid run time before experiencing the voltage cutoff, over an hour total when all 3 batteries are charged and ready to go. Although the supplied batteries are plenty sufficient, I run bigger 7.4v 2S lipo 1800mah batteries instead for additional power and longer run time. I have spent well over 20 hours of hard run time and abuse and absolutely love this RC car, this is most likely the best RC car you can buy for under $200.Durability : The HM124 is built extremely well, I would even say it's "over -built" with strong composite plastics and metal components where it counts. The RC car out of box is a ton of fun and can be bashed and driven hard, and because the important components are strong and allow for performance upgrades down the road if you want more power and speed. For example, the brushless motor is geared conservatively with a 12T pinion (quicker acceleration, lower top speed, better battery life) but and also has preset optional mounting holes for a14T pinion (faster top speed, more torque) which you can upgrade for even faster speeds without the risk of overheating and stressing the engine or ECU. The motor and ECU stay extremely cool with the factory 12T pinion gear, so there's no concerns running a larger 14T pinion gear (or running larger tires) and not having to worry about the extra strain on the motor and ecu.Customer Support : This is by far the most important category when it comes to any hobby grade RC car because parts will eventually break and it's important to know that the company has your best interests in mind and care about your satisfaction by providing supportive customer service that will help you get your RC car back out on the trails. I recently broke a wheel (picture included) and emailed bezgar customer service directly, looking for a link so I could "purchase" a spare set of wheels and they replied very quickly (same day) offering to send me out a pair of replacement wheels "for FREE"! The package arrived via Amazon delivery within a couple days and I was very surprised to see they also included a number of additional parts such as an extra battery, battery strap, pair of wheel hexes, pair of shocks, axle couplers, body clips, and an extra truggy body shell! Again this was all for free when i was fully expecting to pay for the replacement wheels, just an incredible experience with their customer service, FAR BEYOND better than I could have ever expected!Overall I would highly recommend this Bezgar HM124 1/12 scale RC car for anyone that wants a good quality / fast buggy platform that is a lot of fun, fast, handles really well, has strong durability and above and beyond customer support, for under $200. No brainer, I will likely be buying a second one soon!EDIT (2/15/2022): I wanted to share an update that the 2 in 1 ESC receiver did fail on me a couple days after I posted this 5 star review, and unfortunately the ESC was not in stock on Amazon so I had to buy one directly from HBX in China and it just arrived yesterday. I wanted to share this because both bezgar customer service and the seller for this Amazon listing went above and beyond to help try and find me a replacement ESC, and I could not speak more highly about their loyalty to their customers, even when they are out of stock and unable to assist. The new ESC is now installed and synchronized / binded directly to my original transmitter with no issues and my fun little buggy is back on the road once again. I am a hobbyist and have many different RC cars and I can confidently say this HM124 is by far my favorite 1/12 scale ripper!

Emeka Afolabi
Great purchase

3 batteries are great. Sent this thing off BMX ramps and stands up to it. Lots of spare parts. For the price... Zero faults. Also nice to be able to adjust speed and steering so you can hand it off to a kid and not be worried.

Margarett Dibbert
Definitely impressive.

This is my first (hobby grade) rc car i have had in probably 10 years and have had this RC car for a few days so far and it's quite impressive. It's definitely not for kids especially at full power. It's pretty darn fast even off road. I have seen some reviews were people said the cars got so much torque that the wheels will come off. Well the simple solution to that is make sure the wheel nut is tight before you use it every time. If you want some extra insurance put a dot of light duty (blue) lock tight on the nut. It will keep it on without making it impossible to get the wheel off when you need to. In the few days I have had the car it's been in grass, dirt, mud and rain and has ran great. I have even ran it through some good size puddles to wash it off with no problems. Definitely wanna make sure you oil (or wd40) up the joints to the suspension and the wheels after running it in wet conditions though. The batteries seem to last way longer than the 20 mins it says on the description or at least it feels like they do. The only problem I seem to have with the car is removing the battery. It's very hard to plug in and unplug the battery from the car. It fits so tightly together I have to use a knife to wiggle them apart. Supposedly this is normal with T connector batteries especially when they are new but will eventually get worn in after a few times According to a buddy of mine that's big in to RC cars. Other than that I have no problems with this car so far. It's held up to my beatings. I try to be somewhat gentle with it. So even if it does crash its not going full speed. But it's taken a few good tumbles and hits and has held up pretty well. So for the price this is definitely a good RC car to get if you want something fun that won't break the bank.

Tony Kagambira
Bezgar support team was wonderful in helping me get my car fixed and running properly!

Great product. Did have front left wheel damage upon arrival but the Bezgar support team was absolutely wonderful with getting it figured out. They sent a brand new one to me just days after I received the bad one in the mail. On top of that they even said they were sending a new front end shaft for the problem I was having with the first one to fix that one and keep it for myself. Good choice, fast rc car, and best of all the charge time on the battery is like 30-40 minutes each and it comes with 3 of them, so charge them all and you got at LEAST an hour and a half of playing with your new hobby grade rc car! Thanks Bezgar!

Derrick Olson

I bought this for my grandson and he loves it! It looks great, it is very durable and this thing is FAST! Their Customer Service was very quick to answer questions too. Howdy Stephanie!I am going to buy another RC car soon so me and my grandson can race each other. I am thinking I'll get the Bezgar HM165?I was so happy with my first purchase I am sure my second one will be just as good!

Ayana Watsica
Overall good

Looks great and held up when it was crashed (beginner here) remote doesn't seen to have a strong connection though but it may be due to the near electronics

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