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Free Shipping on orders over $88 Shop Now!

HP161 - 1/16 Brushed RC Monster Truck (2 Batteries)


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  • Robust 390 brushed motor that generates greater power for the RC car, with a top speed of 19 mph.
  • Comes with bigger 4WD wheels, a better independent suspension system, and a reinforced chassis
  • With a dual throttle speed option, RC hobbyists can choose the 100% normal speed, while the 70% slower speed.
  • Two 7.4V 25C modular batteries extend the running time by over 30 minutes.
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2*High-capacity batteries

*High Efficiency.
*Reinforced transmission system.
*More stable running posture.

2*High-capacity Batteries

  • High Efficiency.
  • Reinforced transmission system.
  • More stable running posture.

High-torque steering gear

  • Low Noise
  • 2.1KG High Torque
  • Precision Potentiometers

Adjustment shocks

  • Compact & attractive
  • 4 Aluminum Metal Shocks
  • Smoother suspension motion

F/R Differentials

  • High Efficiency
  • Reinforced transmission system
  • More stable running posture
  • Model: HP161
  • Motor 390 brushed motor
  • Servo: 17g high torque metal gear servo
  • Battery: 7.4V 850mAh battery
  • Playing Time: 2 x 15 mins
  • Charging Time: About 90mins
  • HP161 RC car x 1
  • 2.4Ghz transmitter x 1
  • USB charger x 1
  • Wheelie bar set x 1
  • 7.4V 850mAh battery x 2
  • Screwdriver x 1
  • User manual x 1

Customer Reviews

Based on 168 reviews
Better than any toy store RC Truck

 Year ago I raced RC Stadium trucks. I'm very familiar with racing level RC's and the like. I used Losi, Associate, and Traxxas electric and gas off roaders. I have still have a soft spot for all things RC. So I am super happy I picked up this BEZGAR 1:16 Scale 4X4 Off-Roader.This is not like the RC trucks you get from a toy store or Radioshack (do they still exist?). This is another level. Maybe not race kit level, but it's a lot less expensive than those too. But it's a serious RC truck that's much better than the basics. It's still kid appropriate and is ready to run (meaning just charge up and add controller batteries).Back in my day we built the trucks from kits. Those were the days... But this does make it easy and it seems completely reasonable that you could tear down and replace parts on this Bezgar truck. Not sure if you can get parts, luckily I haven't needed any yet.That's because the truck is built well. Nice a sturdy. Even the lezan body seems good quality, plus a nice paint job. Although I'd like a clear one to paint as my own. Again, need to see if that's something I can buy extra.Anyway, this truck is all as advertised. Waterproof (within reason, submerge anything like this and you could be asking for trouble), hobby grade, 4x4, fast, nice remote (with a 3rd channel for lights), lighted bumpers, 2 batteries, charger, tools, etc. All very nice and made me happy as I unpacked the box.I took it out on a limestone track and it thrashed! Fast and flung stone everywhere. Fun! 4x4 works as it should for good traction.The pistol style controller was nice and responsive. Truck has reverse as well.All the stock stuff is nice, looks great, and works good, electronic speed controller (ESC) brushed motor, rubber tires, clean wiring, good internal organization, body clips down nice and tight, shocks work as they should, etc. Even has a wheelie bar.I really am impressed and couldn't be happier with this little truck. Good for kids and adults. Being a 10 scale, it's a bit smaller than what I'm used to and may not tackle higher grass as well. But for dirt or flat surfaces, it'll rock.

Amazon Customer
Great for off-roading!

This RC car is very fast and efficient for offroading. We often will take it to the dirt track and it runs very well with great battery life. It handles well in the dirt and other obstacles. Win on a street. It doesn't handle as well but still does great. The price is really good for this RC car and I suggest it for any one.

Mad Grandpa
False advertising

Description and pictures show 2 batteries. Only comes with one in the package.

Fast, Slick, Cool Car

Yep, it is fast and fun to drive. I find the controls easy to use as I have several like this. Pulling back gently on the trigger slowly allows you to drive slower while pulling it all the way will let you drive at full speed. Battery life is good. I recommend this RC car.

Unleashing Thrills

This truck has taken my RC experience to a whole new level. This waterproof, hobby-grade remote control car combines durability with speed, perfect for both kids and adults. Its all-terrain capabilities make it a versatile toy truck, able to conquer various surfaces with ease. With an upgraded chassis and two batteries, it offers extended playtime and performance. The exhilaration of controlling this high-speed RC car has made it a favorite among both young and old in my household.


Fun project to play with when out in the desert. All terrain wheels are awesome. Fun to use and set up.

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