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Free Shipping on orders over $88. Shop Now🎉

BD901 Foldable Drone with 3-Axis Gimbal 4K EIS Camera

BD901 Flodable Drone with 3-Axis Gimbal 4K EIS CameraBD901 Foldable Dronebd90110206.jpg__PID:34ef4dbe-57b4-4cd8-be77-cdbeeb46547a

One-key Takeoff/Landing

Launch and land your BD901 drone with just a press for smooth and precise operations.

Follow me

When utilizing the follow me feature, the drone will track you automatically and record your motions with an aerial viewpoint.

Point of Interest

With this feature, the aircraft circles around the chosen focal point in a clockwise manner, capturing the footage from every angle.

Waypoint Flight

The drone will fly to the specified target and smoothly adjust its flight path if you modify the track in the APP again.

Beginner Mode

BD901 is equipped with a beginner mode, allowing beginners to easily start the drone-flying

Optical Flow Positioning

Enables your drone to achieve accurate hands-free hovering, freeing you to fully concentrate on your creative shooting endeavors.

Powerful Brushless Motor

BD901 boasts a robust brushless motor which enhances performance and efficiency, allowing for high-speed adventures.

Smart Remote Controller Alarm Function

Ensure a safe drone flight with the remote control buzzer's alerts for low battery and weak/interfered signals. Your flight is always secure.

Modular Li-polymer Battery

Powered by a 7.7V 2950mAh battery, it offers a max flight time of 25 minutes.

RC Drone APP

Scan the QR Code to Download the APP


Packing List

Bezgar BD901 RC Drone × 1

Remote Controller × 1

7.7v 2950mAh Li-polymer Battery × 1

USB Type-C Cable × 1

Spare Propellers × 4

Screwdriver × 1

Portable Bag × 1

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