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BEZGAR HS101 1:10 scale remote control monster trucks boast extraordinary grip, operation and durability. Built-in powerful 540 brushed motor, which can perform high revolutions per minute, with a four-wheel drive system, bursts of continuous and strong power. The full speed can reach up to 40Km/h. It is the best choice for monster remote control truck lovers of any level.

BEZGAR-HS101 Hobby Grade

1:10 Scale Remote Control Truck 4WD Top Speed 40+ Km/h All Terrains Electric Toy Off Road RC Monster Vehicle Car Crawler with 2 Rechargeable Batteries for Boys Kids and Adults



The rc cars for adults have double replica painted car shell that can change multiple colors in the sun will bring you a more unique driving experience


The rc cars is equipped with two set of 7.4v 1800mah batteries to maximize the performance and speed engineered into bezgar vehicle.


1:10 scale fast rc cars is equipped with shaft driven all-wheel drive system create a fixed acceleration and quick responsiveness.


The remote control car have 540 brushed modified motor and 14000 prm for aggressive acceleration and exciting speed

Model NO. HS101
Size16.5*9.1*6.3 inches (1/10)
Weight118.17 ounces / 3.35KG
Motor 540 Brushed Motor/ 14000rpm
Servo 2.2 KG.CM Waterproof Metal Steering Servo
Battery2 x 7.4V 1800mAh Batteries
Speed 40 Km/h / 25 mph
Playing Time 2 x 20 mins
Charging Time About 2.5 hours
Differential 2-Front & Rear Differentials


Jared R

My kid always wanted to play with my vintage RC, but parts scarcity and fragility kept them from really enjoying it. I picked them up one of these HS101s for Christmas and now they can finally have some real RC fun without the worry of breaking an antique. Great speed and control for a first timer. Oil shocks really soak up the bumps. Adjustable throttle lets you limit their speed so they can concentrate on learning.
Highly recommended. May even pick up a second one.

 Andrew Thorman

This is a great entry level, low hobby grade product. Battery life is surprisingly long and the truck is tough.
I had a random motor lockup shortly after buying it for my kids. I disassembled the truck expecting to find a stone or debris stuck near the pinion/spur gear interface but to my surprise, there was no stone, rather the motor wouldn't rotate, even by hand.
I emailed Bezgar support with a screenshot of the Amazon order details and within 1 day, a new motor is on its way. Sure, a brushed motor isn't expensive but I certainly appreciate their product support.
While the trucks is apart, I even decided to order some oil shocks to smooth out the jumps. This truck is worth fixing and upgrading, its not a trow-away.


We got this truck on my son's birthday. It well made and my son was happy to play with it. The remote control has an adjustable knob to adjust speed. It is very nice because on the slow speed you can play with the car even inside a house. The fast speed is only for outdoor use. On the third day the car had some technical issue with front wheels, but Tanya from the support team helped us to figured out what happened and how to fix this problem. Now the truck is working great and we are thinking to buy another one later. The only thing I don't really like is a plastic shell that can crack if you hit it to hard. But they put a spare cover shell in a box! Despite a technical problem, the car is great and my son loves it. Also, there are a lot of spare parts on the market to keep it running as long as possible or even for some modifications. The Bezgar support is great and I recommend their products for everybody!

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