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The Benefits of RC Cars for Kids

One of the main benefits of giving a child an RC car is that it helps them develop their control and sense of direction skills.
Learning to control an RC car requi res a lot of skill and coordination,which can help improve a child's hand-eye coordination and spatial imagination.
What's more, RC cars can be customized and painted, which helps children to develop their creativity and fine motor skills.
This is why we RC cars as gifts.

Every year you can build on the hobby, either buying that new favorite part they wanted, a new paint, new stickers, or other accessories to help them build their dream ride.

Plus, since RC cars require time outdoors, they can help children to break away from electronic devices and enjoy the great outdoors. This promotes a healthier lifestyle while developing a new hobby and allows them to bond with their dads or loved ones.

It even goes further since many RC communities host meetups for everyone to show up and show off their cars or even race or compete in stunt competitions, sometimes for some very real prize money.

This promotes a healthier lifestyle while developing a new hobby and allows them to bond with their dads or loved ones.
How exciting!

What is the Fastest Possible Speed an RC Car can Go? 

While you can only expect an 1/16 RC car to go around 50 to 60 mph, there are faster RC cars out there. The problem is they aren’t 1/16 scale – in fact, they tend to be considerably larger.
The fastest known RC car on the planet is the Traxxas XO-1. It can reach a whopping 100 mph max speed, which completely blows any other RC car out of the water.
The problem is that this isn’t a 1/16 scale RC car, it’s actually a 1/7 scale RC car. Because it’s considerably larger than your standard RC car, it can house more powerful gears, batteries and motors.
Getting a 1/16 scale RC car to go anywhere remotely near 100mph is simply impossible because the components necessary to hit these speeds are either too big or too heavy to fit. Odds are the 1/16 scale RC car you own goes up to 25mph out of the box. It is possible to get that speed up to 40 or even 50mph, but it’s going to take some extra cash and it’s definitely going to take some more work and customization on your end as well.

Ready to make a loved one happy?

There's no doubt about it - RC cars are the perfect gift choice for both kids and adults.

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