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8 Ways to Make Your Next Camping Trip Unforgettable with RC Cars

Even since our ancestors adapted to the modern humans we know today, we've been in love with the great outdoors. Spending time outside even makes us healthier.

For most people, nature provides an escape from a 9-5 sitting in an office cubicle and a life spent mostly hopping from the inside of one building to another.

The easiest way to get your fix of the great outdoors without breaking the bank?

A camping trip

The smell of marshmallows toasting on an open fire, the feeling of lying on the grass and staring at the stars, and the sights and sounds of the countryside - these all make up the perfect camping trip.

But if you're looking to try something a little different to make your next camping venture truly unforgettable, we've got you covered with our list of fun activities to try when you hit the great outdoors.

#1 - Drive an RC Car

When it comes to enjoying the great outdoors, many of us love exploring the bumpy terrain the countryside offers.

But there are more ways than just hiking to find your way around and getting that adrenaline rush.

RC driving involves maneuvering or racing radio-controlled cars or trucks from a distance using a remote.

Trying your hand at RC car racing is an excellent way to break free from your screens and enjoy the great outdoors at its best. Plus, it's perfect for unleashing your competitive side!

If you want to raise the stakes for a little extra fun, set up a series of RC races and set aside extra s'mores for the winner.

Need inspiration? Bezgar took two high-speed RC cars to the great outdoors for some good old-fashioned remote-controlled fun! You can see the results here.

#2 - Go for a Hike

Hiking isn't just great for your health , but it also gives you the opportunity to explore beautiful places on foot.

If possible, look for a camping spot with beautiful hiking routes nearby that you can try out. You'll usually be able to assess their difficulty online, and even if you're a hiking novice, you're sure to find a beginner-friendly trail.

You could even reward yourself for your hiking prowess by packing a picnic to enjoy when you reach the top!

Interested in wildlife? Hikes offer the perfect opportunity to spot birds and small mammals native to the area in which you're camping. 

#3 - Seek Out the Nearest Beauty Spot

There's no better way to enjoy nature in all its glory than by seeking out a viewpoint to visit.

If you're staying in a part of the country where nature's abundant, there will definitely be a beauty spot if you're prepared to seek it out.

Worried about being bored while you search for it? Take a Bezgar RC car with you to keep you entertained on the way!

#4 - Make Pancakes From a Bottle

Most of the time, your meals are far from haute cuisine when you're on a camping trip. With limited cooking tools, you're mostly reliant on sandwiches, picnic food, and, of course, s'mores.

To mix things up a little, prepare a pancake mix before leaving home (or buy one from a store) and take a pan. Once you're on the campsite, you can rustle up a delicious stack of pancakes for you and the rest of your holidaymakers.

Just don't forget the syrup!

Race Car Rc

#5 - Watch the Sunrise and Sunset

It's human nature to flock to beautiful sunsets. In fact, there's science behind why we do it.

Go to any city worldwide, and you'll find nearly all its visitors and residents congregating in one space - wherever there's a great view of the sunset.

Sunsets are breathtaking to look at, but even more than that, they remind us that there's a world out there greater than us. They help us to worry less about our stressful assignment at work or the ever-growing pile of laundry at home.

If you're on a camping trip to get closer to nature, consider catching both the sunrise and sunset in a single day.

Check the next day's sunrise time the night before and set your alarm 15 minutes earlier, then stay up late enough to watch the sunset, too. You'll be awed by nature's beauty, and it's a pretty cool thing to tick off your bucket list.

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#6 - Try Your Hand at Photography

What's the easiest way to capture a memory and make it last forever?

Immortalize it in photo form.

Camping in the great outdoors offers scenic views, so if you're interested in trying your hand at photography, there are few better circumstances in which to do it.

If you've got the budget for it, consider buying an old-school film or polaroid camera for printed snaps you can frame or put in an album.

Otherwise, your smartphone will do the job just fine!

#7 - Climb Trees

We get it; you've probably not climbed trees since childhood. But what's a camping trip for if not for reconnecting with your inner big kid?

Find a forest with some sturdy-looking trees and keep yourself entertained for hours trying to climb them.

Just be careful you don't opt for any trees that are too high - remember, you've got further to fall as an adult!

#8 - Try Water Sports

If you're camping near a lake or body of water, it's the perfect chance to give water sports a go. From kayaking to paddle boarding, you're sure to find something that appeals.

For those in your camping party that aren't as adventurous, there's always the option of sitting by the lakeside and indulging in some fishing while you enjoy your adrenaline-filled activities.

You never know, you might discover your new favorite hobby!

However you decide to spend your camping trip, a few simple activities can transform a regular weekend away into a holiday you'll remember for a lifetime.

If you want to engage your inner adrenaline junkie with some high-stakes RC car racing, check out Bezgar for a selection of trucks and cars you won't want to miss.

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