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Got the Need for Speed? The HM124 is BACK!

Got the Need for Speed? The HM124 is BACK!

After months of waiting, one of our most popular remote-controlled car lines is finally back in stock.

The coveted HM124. 😃

A fan favorite, this high-speed demon dominated our shelves for years before it became our most wanted out-of-stock item. But now, this speed champion is ready to make your home a race track!

Ready for the deep dive?

Here's what you need to know.

Re-Introducing the HM124

The HM124 has some of the best features a remote control car enthusiast can ask for: adjustable suspension, an impressive motor, and transmission setup, plus a 2.4GHz radio control system.

Actually, let's breeze through these Bezgar-style because there are just so many amazing talking points;

  • Powerful 2847 Brushless motor for larger horsepower capabilities
  • Full-metal drivetrain for ultimate levels of durability
  • Can reach daredevil speeds of up to 32MPH (52 KMPH)
  • Comes with an extra replacement shell for if you ever push it too far
  • A punchy 1600, 7.4V battery for long-lasting drives while remaining lightweight
  • Backed by dozens of five-star reviews from RC fans around the world.

Phew, that's a lot to get through.

Bottom line - this revved-up machine has all the bells and whistles you need in a remote control car.

What's it like driving the HM124?

If you're the kind of person who loves to go fast, this is the car for you. The responsive steering and adjustable suspension mean it's easy to take sharp turns even at high speeds. It offers an exhilarating driving experience - perfect for both experienced and beginner RC drivers!

In fact, since the restocking, we've dived back into the archives of the biggest fans of this RC car to reignite our passion for the model.

But an unboxing is cool and all, but of course, nothing compares to actually seeing the car running flat out and going for gold with its highest speeds and a ton of beautiful skids and turns. Will have to thank JayTee again for his amazing videos with our cars!

Big love to you, Jay! 💘

A Battery Life Like No Other

Before we get to the end of this reintroduction, we just want to note that the battery life is                             one of the core features of this little car, and you know what? We're proud of it, so why can't we shout about it? 😁

The HM124 features three rechargeable batteries, which are 7.4V and equal 1,600mAh of power.

This is great, and you're probably thinking, "Hey, Bezgar, all RC cars have batteries. What's up?"

Well, these just aren't any old batteries.

These allow for up to one hour of playtime. That's right, 60 minutes of pure, unadulterated driving, stunt, and racing fun. No more having to wait around for your batteries to charge only to get 10 - 15 minutes of playtime out of your car like the smaller cars.

Just ride the way you want!

So, if you're in the market for an RC car that won't let you down when you need it most and provides hours of adrenaline-filled entertainment, your search ends here.

Pick up your HM124 now while stocks last! 😉😁😆

(Something tells us that won't be long!)

Happy driving! 🤗

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