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How Do You Make Your RC Car Faster

How Do You Make Your RC Car Faster

Once you own an RC car and have gotten used to using it, the need for speed will inevitably set it. Even if you have a fast RC car, you will no doubt want it to go even faster if it’s possible.

After all, the faster your RC car goes, the more fun it is to use and the more you’ll want to use it. So in this article, we’ll give you a few good tips that actually work and will make your RC go even faster!

If you’re ready to take your racing car to the next level, here are our best tips on how you can make your RC car faster now.A variety of accessories make your car even more powerful

1.Test out Different Tires

Customizing your RC car is one of the keys to making sure you unlock all of its full potential. One of the most important things you can tinker around with are your RC car’s wheels and tires.

While you’re probably still using the stock tires that came with your RC car, there’s a good chance they are actually holding your car back. There are higher quality tires you can buy that will not only be lighter and offer better performance but will provide superior traction and acceleration depending on what terrain you race on.

Try out different sets of tires until you find the ones that really make your RC car shine. Then, your remote control car will be able to go even faster than before.

2.Consider getting a Brushless Motor

By now, it’s widely agreed upon that brushless motors provide better top speeds and acceleration than their RTR (ready to run) motor counterparts. If you really want to make your RC car go fast, a brushless motor is mandatory.

If your RC car is compatible with these motor types, you can easily buy and install one without much effort. The only hard part will be getting used to the sharper handling. While these motors are indeed fast, there’s a reason they’re not recommended for beginners, so make sure you’re ready to handle the power.

3.Practice Your Cornering Drifts and Skills

This ties into our previous tip – just as you’ll need to work on getting used to more sensitive handling as you use more powerful motors, you should also work on your corner skills for pretty much the same reasons.

No matter how decked out your RC car is, it’s guaranteed to lose most of its speed if your corner turns are poorly executed. To retain as much speed as possible in these moments, work on those corners to prevent not only a loss of speed but wipeouts that result from not hitting corners correctly.

4.Clean the Inside of your RC Car

It may seem like this shouldn’t make a difference, but all cars require maintenance, be they real racetrack cars or your personal RC cars. When these machines build up too much gunk, it can prevent the gears and bearings from working at max efficiency. This will have an impact on your vehicle’s top speed.

Even thin layers of dust will have an impact on your RC car’s performance, even if only slightly. Make sure to clean your RC car with wipes and compressed air a few times a year to keep it well maintained and running as smoothly as possible.

5.Customize the RC Car’s Bearings

This goes back to our first tip about tires and the importance of RC car customization. The right bearings will make the difference between having a car with decent speed and a car that can really go full throttle.

Bearings are fortunately not too expensive and are quick to remove and replace. Test out a few sets until you find the ones that best match your RC car.

6.Install a Better Battery

While it’s a pricier option compared to others, a nice fresh battery may be the thing your RC car needs to be taken to the next level.

Some people have a misconception that a stronger battery will only increase the battery life of the RC car and not the top speed. This is a bit of a half-truth, because many high-quality batteries will provide the extra power your car needs to go even faster.

Many Ni Mh batteries are not only stronger but lighter weight than their Li Po counterparts, so you don’t have to worry about packing on too many grams either.

Keep in mind that not all RC cars are compatible with these battery types. Make sure your car’s motor and other components can handle it, otherwise you may risk permanently damaging these parts of your RC car.

7.Make Adjustments to your Motor Timing

If you followed our previous advice and equipped your RC car with a brushless motor, you should now have the ability to adjust your motor timing.

Brushless motors have dials located on the side. You can turn these dials to alternate the RPM, which ultimately decreases or raises the max output speed. This is the closest equivalent to raising the horsepower of your RC car.

Keep in mind that raising the motor timing will also increase the heat that will be produced by your RC car. Make sure the car’s components, including the frame and tires, are capable of handling higher temperatures. You could also only use your RC car in shorter bursts or races to make sure it doesn’t overheat in the middle of use.

Concluding Thoughts

If you use all seven of our hot tips on how to make your RC car faster, you are guaranteed to unlock your racer’s true potential. That way, it will go as fast as it possible can and it will be optimized in every way.

Keep customizing, keep compatibility issues in mind, and keep on testing your car with the right bearings, motors and tires, and you’ll have an unstoppable hot rod on your hands in no time.If you are using our high performance rc cars this article is all you need

Enjoy your faster and improved RC car and good luck!

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