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How Fast Can a Bezgar RC Car Go?

One of the most important factors when deciding to get a new RC car is knowing what the maximum speed is. No matter what brand you decide to go with, they will surely offer a ton of different RC car and RC truck models that will have varying top speeds. Bezgar is no exception to this rule.

Bezgar sells many different RC car models, and some of them are definitely faster than others. If you’re wondering just how fast one can go, stick around and find out.

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What is the Fastest that an RC Car can go in General?

If you’ve seen videos of the most intense RC car races on the internet, then you already know that RC cars are capable of going really fast.

In fact, the fastest RC cars out there can reach speeds as high as 70 mph. This makes them nearly as fast as real vehicles.

Keep in mind that it takes a lot for an RC car to reach speeds that high, as 70 mph by no means reflects what the average RC car can do. It takes a lot of money and probably a lot of part replacement and customization to have an RC car that can go that fast.

If you’re wondering what the average speed is for an RC car, the kind that won’t cost you thousands of dollars, you can expect the range to be around 10 mph to 20 mph.

Guessing the general speed of an RC car can be difficult, as RC cars come in so many shapes and sizes these days that there is no such thing as a one speed fits all philosophy. Not to mention that an RC car’s top speed is determined by several factors, so it’s best to focus on those elements of a specific car, especially if it is one you plan on owning for yourself.

What determines the Top Speed of an RC Car?

There are a few key things that will ultimately decide the final top speed of any and all RC cars: the battery, the motor, the tires and the overall body design.

The battery is a very important aspect because the battery voltage has a huge say in both the RPM and the top speed of the RC car. Batteries supply energy to the motor, and the more energy or voltage the battery has, the more it can make the motor spin. This is what causes a higher RPM.

It is also what causes the RC car to have a higher max speed. Many RC cars when customized with new and more powerful batteries often see a boost of a couple of miles per hour to the max speed. This means that buying a new LiPo battery is often an easy, albeit sometimes expensive, way to make an RC car go faster.

The motor is another important component of an RC car’s top speed, especially if it is brushless. While brushed motors use more physical contact and friction, brushless motors use a more advanced process that cuts down on this. Less friction not only means less wear and tear, but also means a faster product.

Keep in mind that high powered batteries combine with brushless motors very well to maximize the speed.

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Tires are very important too, because they are what make direct contact with the ground. Different terrains will require different parts to perform optimally. Some tires are better fit for the grass, others are best fit for controlled racing conditions, whereas others have better off-road performance.

Any RC racer that is serious about this hobby would be wise to have some spare tires or wheels so they can adapt to a larger variety of terrain conditions.

Lastly, the RC car’s overall size, scale and body will have a say in how fast it can go. This is true for multiple reasons. For one thing, the heavier the car is, the slower it will go, so it should not be made from metals that are too dense. Not only that, but larger cars can also hold larger and more powerful batteries, so a tradeoff needs to be attained between weight and more advanced specs.

The Range of Speed offered by Bezgar

To see how fast a Bezgar RC car can go, one just needs to take a look at the various products available on sale. Some of their older models have speeds that are 12 mph to 16 mph, but their fastest RC cars are their newest ones.

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The HP161S – The Fastest RC Car by Bezgar

If you’re looking for the fastest thing Bezgar has to offer, the HP161S is what you’re looking for. With a speed of 38 mph, it’s far faster than anything else in its weight class, scale or price range.

Made to look just like a monster truck, the Bezgar HP161S is proof that a smaller 1/16 scale RC truck can still pack a huge punch. This is thanks to its powerful 11.1v battery and its advanced brushless motor. Plus, because it only weighs 2 pounds, it is perfectly designed to offer a high speed experience that other RC cars of this size cannot offer.

It’s also a very durable off-road RC car, meaning that you don’t need to worry about using this in safe, comfortable conditions to experience its top speed. In fact, fans of the Bezgar HP161S argue that this vehicle can only reach its true potential when you take it off the road. Seeing this monster blaze through sand and dirt at its maximum speed is a sight to behold.


Different types of RC cars can reach different levels of top speed. If you want a higher top speed, then it’s best to choose a newer model, such as the Bezgar HP161S. This super fast RC car will provide you with a very impressive top speed that you can use for racing or just for fun on your own. Good luck with your newly bought Bezgar RC car!

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