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HP161S fast remote control car

What is the Best 1/16 Scale RC Truck

The 1/16 scale RC truck is one of the most tried and true RC car formats of all time, so it only stands to reason why so many people are asking what the best 1/16 scale RC truck is available to buy. Thanks to Bezgar, we finally have an answer; behold the HP161S, an RC truck that will define a generation.

An Upgraded Version of a Bezgar Classic

As you may already know, the HP161S is a new and improved version of Bezgar’s previous 1/16 scale RC truck model, the HP161. While they share several similarities, the HP161S is a stronger and more powerful version that is superior in every single way.

As impressive as the original HP161 is in its own right, the HP161S uses the same basic structure but is modified with superior components, chassis, suspension, shock absorption and a higher max speed. It’s the ultimate improvement upon an already excellent RC truck.

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Bezgar HP161S Specifications

The Bezgar HP161S is a 12 inch long RC truck that weighs 2.4 pounds. The remote control features uses a 2.4Ghz transmission and the lithium ion rechargeable battery uses a USB cable.

The HP161S also uses a brushless motor for increased horsepower, speed and provides a quieter run. It has a monstrous speed of 38 mph making it by far one of the fastest 1/16 scale RC vehicles you can find.

It only comes available in one color of green and black, but it’s enough to give off the kind of wild, off-road adventuring that this monster truck was made for.

Speed and Performance

Like I said, earlier, the top speed of the HP161S is a whopping 38 mph. This is already faster than the 30 mph max speed of its HP161 predecessor. Needless to say, this is a powerful machine that is best used by dedicated RC car racers or experienced users who no longer have a need for lower speeds such as 15 to 20 mph.

One nice detail I really appreciate about this new RC truck is the single bar headlight. It doesn’t take up too much power but it’s positioned correctly to efficiently light up the trail in a manner that won’t drain the battery too much.

Speaking of the battery, you still can only get about 15 minutes of use when going at the top speed consistently, but that’s pretty impressive considering how incredible the top speed is. If you play your cards right and learn how to take advantage of low, medium and high speeds all in one session, you can easily squeeze an hour of juice out of this RC car.

Plus, with the 90 minute battery charge time, that’s not too bad considering how much juice is packed into this high quality modular battery.

Durability and Build-Quality

Anyone can tell just from laying eyes on this monster that the HP161S is build like a beast, and there’s a simple reason why that is: the body and chassis are full metal. That means that while most other 1/16 scale RC cars and trucks would use a combination of plastic and aluminum, the HP161S is only metal. This gives it a weight and presence other RC cars or trucks of this size simply lack.

As a result, the HP161S has absolutely unparalleled collision resistance and durability for a mere two-pound car. If you were ever looking for an RC truck that can take a beating, this is the one to get.

Off-Road Capabilities

Some of the most fun I’ve ever had using an RC car of such a small size was using the Bezgar HP161S and blasting it through sand and dirt like it was nothing. Despite being 1/16 scale, this is an exceptionally powerful and impressive RC truck that will wow you with its torque and suspension.

The steering is some of the smoothest and most responsive I’ve ever seen in an RC car of this size, even when it’s trailing through rough terrain. I’m sure this is thanks to the incredible makeup inside the RC truck, like the aluminum metal shocks and the new and improved transmission system. The stability and balance of the HP161S is undeniably fantastic.

Extra Features

Not only is this RC truck fantastic when it comes to speed, looks and build quality but it has some neat bonus features that act as the cherry on top.

Something about this RC truck that proves Bezgar was thinking outside of the box is the cooling fan that they placed on top of the upgraded brushless motor. This reduces both heat and noise, making the RC truck’s components last longer and perform more efficiently.

I also love how they took the metal shock absorbers and filled them with oil. This creates superior shock dampening, which you can really notice and feel when playing with this bad boy over rocks and large pebbles.

Minor Downsides

The only complaints I have about this otherwise perfect RC monster truck is that it doesn’t have exceptional performance in grass, and you really should not get it wet.

Grassy surfaces tend to really mess up the traction and acceleration, and despite otherwise superb durability and build-quality, the HP161S isn’t very waterproof for some reason. I would avoid using it in puddles or during rainfall, or you might experience remote control connection issues.

Final Thoughts

This is by far the coolest, fastest, most powerful and most technologically-advanced 1/16 scale RC truck I’ve ever used. The HP161S is an absolutely dominating RC car that I would recommend to anyone who has some experience with RC racing and is ready to play with something that will turn them into a high-octane daredevil.

The only other thing to note here is that since this is a powerful machine, it may not be suited to the youngest users who are complete beginners if they’re going to use it at top speeds. However, if used responsibly and carefully, even novice users can use this powerful machine safely.

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