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Monster Truck Remote Control Car

What is a Monster RC Truck

Just about everyone knows what a monster truck is. They’re some of the most famous vehicles ever made thanks to their massive size and destructive capabilities. But less people know about monster RC trucks, and today we’re going to try and change that.

For anyone who is new to the world of RC racing and customizing, RC trucks are some of the most fun models you can own. They not only have great portability, but they still feature the looks and vibe of real life monster trucks, making them tiny yet monstrous all at once.

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What is an RC Vehicle?

Whether we’re talking an RC car or an RC monster truck, RC stands for radio-controlled. Every RC car and truck is operated via a remote control that sends specialized radio waves to the car to make it move, accelerate, turn and stop. Think of the RC remote control as a kind of portable steering wheel.

RC vehicles are owned and used for a variety of purposes. Some people simply like to collect them just as some people enjoy collecting real cars. But primarily, people own RC cars and trucks to use them outdoors.

RC vehicles are frequently used in either races or more recreational purposes like flying a kite outside. Many RC cars have off-road capabilities and can be taken into sandy beaches or wood trails like an ATV vehicle. This is part of what makes monster RC trucks popular, as they are often outfitted with these all-terrain capabilities.

What are the main Components of an RC Truck

Other than the remote control, RC cars and trucks all have the same main components: the body, the wheels, the battery and the motor.

The body is the outer skin of the RC car that acts as the protective shell and frame.

The wheels are more self-explanatory, though keep in mind that different wheels will have different properties. Some are better for speed, some are better for traction, and some are better for off-road rides.

The battery provides the energy of the truck and determines the max range. It can also improve the max speed if strong enough.

The motor, brushed or brushless, interacts with the battery to generate motion that allows the car to move.

What Sizes Do RC Monster Trucks Come in?

RC vehicles in general are given a scale rating to represent how small they are compared to the actual vehicle it was based off.

For example, a 1/8 scale RC car is one eighth or 12.5% the size of the actual car it was modeled off of. All RC cars are measured by scale to help give users a sense of how large the car will be in their hands before they even own it. It’s also very useful to categorize different classes of cars, as some RC car races don’t allow certain scales that are too large. It’s kind of like the RC equivalent of lightweight, middleweight and heavyweight classes.

Most RC cars and trucks are a lot smaller than 1/8 scale size. The majority of RC cars or RC monster trucks will be 1/16 scale or 1/12 scale, making them about a foot in length at the most. While your average RC car is just a few inches tall, monster RC trucks are considerably taller, in order to keep the accurate build and structure of actual monster trucks.

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Bezgar HM124 – An Excellent Example of an RC Monster Truck

If you need help looking for a good example of what a monster RC truck ought to look like, the Bezgar HM124 should be your first stop.

While it has a somewhat lower profile than other RC monster trucks, the HM124 still has the large wheels, the large suspension and the raised roof that everyone associates with real life monster trucks.

The HM124 also has enough shock absorption so that you can use it in a more reckless manner, not unlike how monster truck drivers sometimes behave at a monster truck show. Like any good quality RC truck, the HM124 can take a beating up to a point.

Another thing that makes the HM124 an excellent monster RC truck is its speed. It can go as fast as 32 mph, making it a great option for anyone interested in getting into RC races or just having some fun burning rubber down on the trail.

One thing you may appreciate about the HM124 is that it’s a little on the larger size, being a 1/12 scale model. It also weighs 6 pounds and is 13 inches long, so anyone who really wants a monster RC truck specifically will benefit from something that is deliberately trying to be large and in charge.

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Do RC Monster Trucks Behave like Real Monster Trucks?

While they certainly share the same looks, you’ll be disappointed if you think the monster RC trucks are just as powerful as their real life counterparts. Monster RC trucks do have an impressive sense of speed and durability for their size, but they can’t run over other RC cars the way real monster trucks do to each other.

RC cars and RC trucks are not designed for the kinds of combative shows that are associated with real monster trucks. You are supposed to race them together to see who’s the fastest.

While there are certainly ways to create obstacle courses to see which RC car survives with the least damage, it still won’t be the same as pitting them head to head. So no, you shouldn’t use RC monster trucks as if they were real monster trucks. Bashing metal RC vehicles head-to-head over and over will only scuff them up in the long run.


Now that you know what an RC monster truck is, you might consider getting one for yourself. While there are quite a lot of options to choose from out there, the Bezgar HM124 is the best choice as an overall great RC truck to own. Good luck on your RC truck adventures!

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