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How to Customize Your RC Truck

While buying your very own RC truck is exciting, the adventure doesn’t just stop there. Part of the fun of RC cars is customizing and modifying them until they reach their true potential. That’s why today we’re going to show you how you can really level up your RC truck.

There are several ways to customize your off-road RC vehicle or RC truck, each of which should be taken seriously if you want your car or truck to look and perform at its best. Let's take a closer look.

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Customizing the Paint Job

Many RC trucks are made with a casing that is composed of polycarbonate plastic. This makes them perfect for spray painting if you want to get a particular color that matches your tastes better.

The main casing can be easily removed from any RC car or RC truck with the right tools. All you’ll need are some screwdrivers and perhaps some pliers as well. Once the casing is off, you can place it on a safe surface and spray away until it is completely made anew.

Customizing the Batteries

If your RC truck doesn’t quite have the range or the battery life you are looking for, you can purchase new batteries and replace them with the newer model instead. While new batteries can be expensive, it is a phenomenal way to increase the performance of your RC truck for both racing and recreational purposes.

A new battery for your RC truck can actually kill two birds with one stone. Not only will it increase the range of your RC truck but in some cases, it can even increase the top speed as well. This means that battery customization can be a great option for people who prioritize performance above all else, including looks or style.

What you need to make sure is that your RC truck is compatible with the new battery type you have in mind. RC cars and RC trucks tend to use either Ni MH or Li Po batteries. Unless the manual states that your RC truck can use both, it is best to customize with the same battery type your vehicle originally came with. An incompatible battery installation can lead to problems, like damaging the motor when made active.

Once the new battery is installed, you can expect your RC truck to have better range and slightly better top speeds and acceleration.

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Customizing the Tires

Perhaps the most fun thing to customize about RC trucks is the tires. You can customize them without having to take the machine apart, and it will have a noticeable impact not only on performance but on looks as well.

Since we’re talking about RC trucks and not RC cars, you will have to opt for larger wheels to make sure your RC truck still has the dominating appearance it was always meant to have.

The size of the tires you get will ultimately depend on the size of the vehicle itself. If you’re working with a 1/16 scale RC truck, 3 inch tall wheels will be ideal. For 1/12 scale RC trucks, something a little taller like 3.5 or 4 inch tall wheels can do the trick.

But height isn’t all that matters when it comes to wheels. You also want them to be wider and have deeper treading. This is especially the case if you’re trying to customize your RC truck to turn it into an all-terrain or off-road truck. The wheels are the best way to do that.

And as far as customization goes in general, another reason why the wheels are so fun is because it gives you an excuse to do a lot of test runs. New wheels always require a test drive at various speeds and on various surfaces to see how well they interact with the rest of the system. Always test drive new wheels to make sure they are the right fit.

Customizing the Motor

Arguably the most important component in customizing your RC truck is the motor. It can also be the most expensive part, but that also means it will be what has the greatest impact on your RC truck’s performance.

Like how there are two kinds of batteries, there are two kinds of motors you need to keep in mind: brushed motors and brushless motors. The gist is that a brushed motor creates friction by brushing together its carbon pads, whereas a brushless motor uses a more complex method involving rotating coils that do no brush up against each other, hence the name.

As you may already know, brushless motors are widely considered the superior type as they have a better lifespan and offer much higher speeds. Any RC truck that comes with a brushed motor needs to be customized with a brushless motor if it is ever going to reach its final form.

Keep in mind that not all RC trucks are compatible with brushless motor types, so check your truck manual or the official website of the manufacturer bezgar to confirm.

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Which RC Truck is Best for Customization?

If you are looking for an RC truck to buy that you can customize yourself, the Bezgar HM124 would be a fantastic option. Its body is easy to remove and repaint, the wheels can easily be replaced with larger ones, and overall it’s just a fantastic RC truck that can be scaled up well. While it runs excellently out of the box, it will be even better when customized over time.

Concluding Thoughts

Hopefully you now have a much better idea of what it means to customize an RC truck. It’s a great way to make the most out of your RC truck experience and have even more fun with something that’s already enjoyable.

If RC racing is a new hobby of yours, you should start making customizations if you haven’t already. This will add a new element of excitement to your hobby that will make you look forward to it even more. Good luck customizing your RC truck!

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