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What is the Best RC Truck under 200 Dollars

If you’re looking to keep your budget within the $200 range, then we’ve got an ideal suggestion for you: the Bezgar HP161S. This RC truck delivers on all levels, and can’t be beat for the price.

Part of what makes the HP161S special is that it’s an upgraded version of a previous Bezgar RC truck. Despite that, it still manages to be priced under 200 dollars, making it especially noteworthy.

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What Makes the HP161S a Special Upgrade?

The previous Bezgar model the HP161S is based off of is the HP161. They are both 1/16 scale RC trucks, so if the HP161S didn’t upgrade the size, what is different about it?

For one thing, the performance of the HP161S is undeniably better. It is a faster, stronger and more durable version of the HP161 that keeps the original feel and looks but improves upon it in every conceivable way.

While the HP161 is still available and is still a great RC truck, if your budget is $200 then you have no reason not to get it over its objectively superior HP161S successor.

HP161S Specifications

The HP161S, as mentioned before, is a faster and stronger version of the HP161. It has a max speed of 38 mph, making it considerably faster than your standard 1/16 scale RC cars or trucks. That makes it 8 miles faster than the HP161, in case you were curious. This is thanks to its brushless motor, which gives it superior horsepower and a quieter profile as well.

The RC truck itself is 12 inches long and weighs only two and a half pounds. It is not cumbersome in the slightest, despite the power that it packs inside.

Why the HP161S is So Good

There are so many things to write home about the Bezgar HP161S besides its impressive top speed. Considering the price, this is an excellent example of an RC truck that thought of everything when it was being designed.

For one thing, the battery is not too shabby considering the high octane max speed. You can get 15 minutes of consecutive use with the HP161S at max speed, so that means if you alternate speeds you can squeeze a lot more juice out of this RC truck per session.

The battery charge time of the HP161S is also only about 90 minutes, meaning you can easily use this device a couple of times a day.

Another phenomenal aspect of the HP161S is its excellent build quality. Being an all-terrain RC truck, its chassis and wheels are capable of taking quite a beating. This is evident by the fact that the body is full metal, not plastic or polycarbonate. You won’t have to worry about dents when taking this bad boy off the road. It can handle harder drops and bumps many 1/16 scale RC trucks can’t.

And as I just said, the off-road capabilities of the HP161S are to die for. While I’ve had some issues getting it to run smoothly in tall grass, it handles sand, snow, mud and dirt like a champion. Even rocky surfaces with bumps, debris and tons of garbage or sticks lying around have been no match for the wheels and horsepower of the HP161S.

This is not the RC truck to buy if you are comfortable just using it indoors in your basement or on your driveway property. The HP161S was born to be taken into the desert, into the snow and into the heart of the woods. You’ll never experience its true power and capabilities until you see it tear up the off-road environment.

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Bonus Features of the HP161S

While the main functionality of the Bezgar HP161S is excellent for a price tag of under $200, the fun doesn’t stop there. Bezgar made sure to go the extra mile and add a few extra features into the HP161S that would guarantee to put it over the top. If you thought this RC truck was already high value at under $200, you’ll be even more convinced soon.

One thing I adore about the HP161S is how they designed the motor. More specifically, they added a heatsink cooling fan directly on top of the brushless motor. This helps keep the entire system better ventilated and quieter as well. It’s a clever little addition that makes the HP161S not only more enjoyable to use, but it increases its lifespan and efficiency as well.

Another neat feature is the metal shock absorbers being filled with oil. This adds an extra layer of shock dampening, which is very important for an RC truck designed to go up rocky hills filled with pebbles.

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One thing that some RC trucks don’t get right is having proper shock absorption. Even if they have the speed and the acceleration you’d come to expect from a high quality vehicle, that can get winded and interrupted if a car or truck takes a bump and it doesn’t have the right coils or suspension to ignore the hit as if nothing happened. With the HP161S, shocks and bumps will feel like a thing of the past.

Concluding Words

When asking yourself what the best RC truck is under 200 dollars, there are a few key questions you need to keep in mind. Does it have customization capabilities? Does it have the wheels and motor to properly qualify as an all-terrain RC vehicle? Does the battery provide adequate range? And is it made of enough durable materials so that I can get years of use out of it?

The Bezgar HP161S answers all of these questions with ease. It is a superb RC truck that can provide years of fun no matter where you are. And since it’s made of high quality materials, it’s durable enough to stand the test of time and provide years worth of good use. For beginners and experienced users alike, this is an RC truck that will definitely satisfy the need for speed and can even be used for RC racing!

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