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What’s The Difference Between the HP161S and the HM124 RC Cars?

Two of the best and most affordable RC cars you can buy both come from Bezgar: The HP161S and the HM124. They are both RC trucks that offer a ton of great specs and style for the price. But in case you only want to get one of them, you’re probably wondering what makes them so different. To clear that up, here’s a detailed guide on the key differences between these two classic Bezgar RC trucks.

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HP161S vs HM124: Speed

The first thing to note between these two RC trucks is their maximum speed, as this is arguably the biggest difference between the two. Both RC cars use a brushless motor, so you can expect them to have good speed for their sizes.

The HM124 has a max speed of 32 mph, whereas the HP161S is faster, coming in at 38 mph. While both are definitely quite speedy, you may want to opt for the HP161S if you’re looking for something that is as fast as possible, especially if you plan on entering RC car races.

HP161S vs HM124: Range

Another important factor of any RC car or truck is the range. Battery life is something that everyone has to deal with, so the less often you need to recharge, the better.

Both RC trucks have very similar ranges, lasting around 20 minutes per battery charge. I would say that the Bezgar HP161S lasts a little longer, though it isn’t enough to make a huge difference if this is a key factor for you in purchasing an RC truck. The HP161S is the winner, but only by a sliver.

HP161S vs HM124: Looks

Good style is very important when it comes to any RC car or RC truck, and thankfully both the HP161S and the HM124 really deliver here.

The HP161S looks more like a conventional monster truck. It has a higher roof and is wider, giving it that intimidating yet exciting look that monster trucks are supposed to have. The lime green and black decal is an interesting touch, but may not appeal to people looking for something that is more in line with powerful vehicles.

I personally prefer the looks of the HM124 much more. Color wise, the white and blue mixes better than the HP161S’ green and black combo. The structure of the HM124 also resembles a mix of race cars and monster trucks, thanks to its longer profile and rear spoiler.

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HP161S vs HM124: Size and Scale

Knowing the scale of your RC truck is always an important detail to know before making a purchase, which is why the scale between these two RC vehicles is also one of their biggest differences.

The HP161S is a 1/16 scale RC truck, whereas the HM124 is 1/12 scale RC truck. While pictures may make the HP161S look larger due to its more classic monster truck design, there’s no mistaking the fact that the HM124 is actually the bigger car here.

Let's zoom in even further on some dimension details. The HP161S is 12 inches long, 8 inches wide and 5 inches tall, and the HM124 is 13 inches long, 10 inches wide and 6 inches tall.

And as you might expect, this makes the HM124 considerably heavier as well. The HP161S weighs around two and a half pounds, though the HM124 weighs six pounds instead.

HP161S vs HM124: All-Terrain Capabilities

Both of these RC trucks are known as off road vehicles, so it’s understandable to want to know if there’s any differences in how they handle rough terrains.

While both cars handle very similarly, there are a few subtle details that differentiate them. One thing I’ve noticed is that the HP161S doesn’t handle grass as well as the HM124. Though it’s great on actually rough terrain like dirt with pebbles, sandy beaches or snow, it just loses its acceleration when in grass, especially if it’s tall grass.

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HP161S vs HM124: Durability

Being RC monster trucks, everyone expects them to have a pretty rugged build. In fact, build-quality is vital for any RC truck to be considered high quality or it wouldn’t last a day on any off-road adventure.

When it comes to suspension and shock absorption, I think the HM124 performs a little better. While both RC cars perform great when it comes to this, there’s no denying that the slightly larger size of the HM124 adds a little extra sturdiness that a 1/16 scale RC truck wouldn’t have.

As for dent resistances and surviving falls, both are great at surviving a rough crash while still being able to continue as if nothing happened.

HP161S vs HM124: Concluding Thoughts

Just as both the HP161S and the HM124 look quite different from one another, they also perform differently in a variety of ways. On the one hand, this means that someone who decided to buy both of these Bezgar RC trucks would be in for a treat, as they each offer their own unique style and driving experience. On the other hand, it makes it all the more important to learn about these differences for anyone who plans to only get one of them.

No matter which one you pick, they are both high quality RC cars that are fast, durable, easy to use and easy to maintain. The HP161S and the HM124 can each offer years of enjoyment on the race track, off the road or in the comfort of your own property.


In conclusion, since each of these two RC trucks are different sizes and types, it can be hard to pick just one of them. If budget is a major concern, then you can choose according to your budget. And if you if you have the ability to buy both of them, then that would be great. However, if you must choose just one of them, then you should use the comparison above to make your decision according to your specific needs. Enjoy using your new RC truck and good luck.

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